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25th July 2012
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Sadie's first release of the year, "METEOR", does not wait around for you to get comfortable. Taking you straight in with a fast pace from the rhythm instruments, the listener is automatically treated with complimenting melodies from the lead guitar. 
Whilst the drums (Kei), bass (Aki) and rhythm guitar (Tsurugi) hit all the right places with a heavy rock sound you could happily drown in, the lead guitar (Mizuki) offers a pleasant melody which remains slightly shadowed by the other instruments. This isn't a bad thing as the modesty of this melody mingles in the background perfectly for the duration of the track until the chorus. 
As the chorus begins the melody is then upped, not just with the lead guitar but with the vocals from Mao as well. Mao's voice remains crystal clear at all times, switching between melody and growl expertly, whilst supporting the background vocals which add a bit of punk rock quality to the track. 
The second track "Dearest" follows in quite a similar pattern, but unlike "METEOR", this track is not quite as upbeat. Mao's vocals sound more earnest, with a slight hint of desperation in some parts, juxtaposing the previous catchy singing.
Another key thing that we have with this track is the guitar solo. Where "METEOR" only had a heavy rock instrumental, Mizuki gives us a very well composed solo that sticks to this overall feel of desperation in the song. 
"LOUD UP, GENERATION" is the last song on the Regular single release and opens with one scream from Mao. The drums then follow, along with the use of synth now as well, and for the first twenty seconds or so you realize that this track really stands out the most in terms of heaviness. Aki's bass is more prominent allowing you to fully catch and appreciate the deep and pulsating rhythm, along with Kei's drumming which, for the beat coming from the foot pedals, is particularly bold.
"METEOR" will be released officially on the 25th of July and will comes in three editions; Regular, Limited A and Limited B.  The Regular Edition will feature three tracks as reviewed; "METEOR", "Dearest" and "LOUD UP, GENERATION"  The Limited Edition A will feature two tracks plus a bonus DVD of the music video to "METEOR".  The Limited Edition B will also feature two tracks plus a bonus DVD with the music video, the making of and interview footage.