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Interview 2010

Sou & Omou Taken from the album Sou
Written by Rachel Yarwood
The second track from The Sound Bee HD's newest album, also entitled "Sou", begins with a vastly dark and heavy opening with a deep grind of Tak's guitar and fast paced drum beat from HIRO. This is contrasted by the near eerie melody of the piano, which remains a constant factor through out, offering more of a melancholy gothic sound alongside the harsher and raw quality of the rock aspect.

As Daisuke begins on vocals, if you had not already realised, you will at this moment grasp entirely the fact that the band have returned back to what can be described as their 'roots', setting aside much of what was the more industrial sound for this fresh newer sound instead. The melody increases for the chorus, not just with Daisuke's vocals which seem to radiate with clear and intense confidence, but also the background piano becomes less eerie, using more positive notes in comparison to the opening composition. 
Altogether, "Sou" as one of the early tracks on the album, really is a brilliant new piece of music from The Sound Bee HD, full of melodic vibrancy and energetic rhythms. In comparison, "Omoi" as the closing track on the album, is just as intense as "Sou" but notably different in style.
There is a short piano opening before the song erupts into a seemingly 'operatic' gothic choir of synth, and as the verse unfolds, the piano takes the back seat for this track. It still remains a factor in the song though it is not in the slightest way obtrusive. Instead there are such intricate layers of sound in this track, rich, elaborate and at the same time gothic with hints of a dark gloom.
There is a lot of crashing from HIRO's cymbals intensifying the sound just that little bit more, but yet again it is the same with the piano and synth, the beat from the drums is never too strong to overpower the sensual rhythm from YOU's bass lines and the melody of Tak's guitar. 
The Sound Bee HD always adds a fresh and intriguing addition to each of their major releases, which never fails to fall short of impressive. Whilst some of their material oozes darkness and near ferocious attitude, they also bring with them a parallel of beautiful and emotional melancholy. 
"Omoi" in particular is a fantastic closure for the album, but these two tracks together give promise that the album as a whole will be something not to missed.
"[Sou]" will be released officially on the 11th of July and it will come with six brand new tracks in total.