SCREW - Biran


Run time: 41 minutes
Number of tracks: 12

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 15th February 2012

3. The Abyss
6. daring driver
10. Styx
12. VOID...

Limited Edition
"The Abyss" music clip

"BIRAN" is Visual Kei five piece SCREW's newest, and full length, album and begins, as many do, with an instrumental track. However, unlike many others, this instrumental, also entitled "BIRAN", is rather lengthy in comparison to many that we are used to hearing. 

In actuality, despite this track being nearly two minutes long, you find that you do not get tired of the thumping beat of the drums and the sound of a heavy rotating mechanism. Neither does the added demonic style laugh at the very beginning, which as we await the next full song, fail to grip our attention and hold it firmly in place.
If not, the final gunshot will certainly bring your attention into focus for the second track "Sakura No Ame".

"Sakura No Ame" starts us off on a rather upbeat and melodic start to album. This is something which perhaps is not what you first might expect from the band, especially with the instrumental "BIRAN" suggesting something a little more darker to follow on from.

On the other hand as "The Abyss" follows as the third track on the album, you will find that heavier and more metal side of SCREW has now been unleashed and we now have not just the shred of the guitars (Kazuki and Manabu), the fast drums (Jin) and deep bass line (Rui), but we also have both the growls and melodic harmonies from vocalist Byou as well. 
"The Abyss" does not fall short and as the title alone suggests, this track is darker, heavier, and boasts a rather epic guitar solo from Kazuki to add to the mix. 

The fluidity of this album becomes apparent quite early on as the fourth track, "DIE?KILLER?DEAD", follows on perfectly taking the tempo up another notch still. 

This song is a hell of a lot more upbeat and there is also this impressive rhythm from the guitars which, in the wake of their upcoming Europe Tour, will prove to be a definite welcomed song to get the atmosphere bouncing and the crowd moving (or headbanging might be a more appropriate phrase to use) to the music. 

"Utsu To Sou", much like "DIE?KILLER?DEAD?" will be one of those songs that you will not forget in a rush if played at their live show. 

This one has more of that metal style. The guitars are edgy with deep rhythms, whereas Byou's vocals add more of a punk quality to the track, or rather, a more Visual Kei flair to them. The change of tempo of the drums mid song for the bridge, before Jin then takes his back into that heavier vibe of the song, is another impressive part which should not be missed by any means. 

"BIRAN" then takes a dramatic turn as  "Jashin Ni Tadaru Komoruita" begins and we get the unavoidable, yet anticipated, ballad. 

"Jashin Ni Tadaru Komoruita" is in actual fact a truly beautiful piece of music. As opposed to SCREW's earlier releases, you can really hear how Byou has developed his vocal ability over the years through this song in particular. He adapts really well to the sudden change of style, giving us more melody, a strong and clear voice, which compliments the song completely.

Altogether, "BIRAN" is an exceptional new album release from SCREW. 
They begin with a rather ominous instrumental, then lead us further and further into a dark and violent musical experience, occasionally treating us to an odd clash of melodies and the beautiful track "Jashin Ni Tadaru Komoruita".

"BIRAN" will be released officially on the 15th of February and comes in two editions, a Regular and a Limited (with DVD) edition.