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-23rd April 2014
Written by Rachel Yarwood
The opening track "FUGLY" is a tremendously lively piece. Starting off with an electrifying guitar rhythm and complimenting drum beat this track, out of all the tracks on the new single release from SCREW, in particular really sets the bar and will most likely be the one that sticks in memory for the group's listeners.
Along with the bouncing beats, rhythms and the additional electronic influence that incorporates a more fun, yet sinful, sounding element to the song, "FUGLY" also has a heavier rock side to it as well shown through the close-to-metal style of the guitar grinding. Not forgetting the vocals and lyrics of course where vocalist Byou switches deftly from the sultry tones of the chorused "yeah"'s, together with the heavier guitar work that sounds fantastic together, to the more melodic vocals for the chorus that will prove most difficult to not want to sing along to. "Help me to the darkness" seems quite the irresistible request when listening to this song and more so when you get a glimpse of the accompanying music video (you should probably not be doing anything important because it is quite distracting).
Altogether "FUGLY" as the lead track of the new single is a superb new song from SCREW. It is bursting with energy, including both melodic and the dark undertones, and is most definitely one not to miss out on if you are a fan of this group! 
"FUGLY" will be released officially on the 23rd of April and it will come in four editions in total each with different b-side tracks.