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3rd July 2013
Written by Lorna Ransome
"EGOIST" is the 8th single release for the Osaka band Royz.
The title track "EGOIST" is simple enough, it takes on the role of any other Royz release, gothic synthesisers with soft, high pitched vocals and with a part roughly two thirds in that has the band rocking out in unison, while the singer roars on occasion. Turning it heavier for about fifteen seconds before going back to the how it was before the madness. It has a good combination of soft singing and sinister growls, nothing too over the top.
The second song however "PARADOX~pierce to rouge~", sounds almost like they had two songs, couldn't make up their minds which to add and just decided to combine the two together. It starts off with a wonderful piano and soft swing sound, much more upbeat than "EGOIST". That is until about a quarter in, when it seems to completely flip on itself entirely. A strange whirling of the record and we're given a mix of high pitched guitar, groans, screeching growls and something that can only be described as noise. A guitar solo follows before the song goes back to exactly how it was before. Piano and swing. Staying this way until the very end of the song and just when you think it's over there's an almighty scream and we get that noise once more. A whole lot of noise that just seems like the band had been possessed mid-recording. It would almost be enough to give you a headache if the third track "Yuuzukiyo, awai yume" wasn't such a beautiful and calming ballad. Soothing the mind in the chaos that was before.
"@bnormality" the final song on the release, starts with the sounds of drums as if to hype you up after the ballad before. It combines whispers, rapping and singing in its vocals and with the melody it's fast paced for the verses then slows and calms for the chorus. Then in what seems to be a common theme with Royz, vocalist Subaru lets out a scream and they play in unison yet again much like "EGOIST".
Overall the release is definitely not lacking in originality in terms of sounds and elements added to each track. Just a little confusing sometimes to follow exactly where they are trying to take it. However, if you're a fan of Royz then it should be just the right mix of calm and crazy you might be used to.
"EGOIST" will be released 3rd July and is available in four types. Types A and B come with a DVD containing the promotional video for "EGOIST". Types C and D come with tracks "Yuuzukiyo, awai yume" and "@bnormality", instrumentals for all songs and two randomly selected trading cards.

Written by Rachel Yarwood
"NOAH", the featuring track and also the title of the newest single release from Royz, begins with a rather futuristic synth sound backed by deep, pulsating guitars (Kuina and Kazuki) and bass (Koudai).
The style that comes across with the instrumental opening is suggestive that this first track will be something along the lines of a darker and heavier song, however as vocalist Subaru enters with the first verse this original perception is altered slightly as he adds plenty of melody to offset the more intense sound of instruments which we were introduced to. Subaru now is backed by a simple drum beat and instead we have a more enchanting and slightly pop style in contrast.
Although, as we head into the chorus, the synth returns along with the instruments and we have a collision of both the wonderful melodies from Subaru with the now upbeat tempo from Tomoya on the drums and the rich pounding rhythms from the strings.
As the guitar solo takes over, we finally hear the melody of the guitars kick in, possibly becoming the best part from Kazuki so far. His short piece is entirely fitting to the style of the track before neatly leading us into the final chorus and the end of the song which takes us right back round to the instrumental we heard at the very beginning. 
The accompanying music video for "NOAH" is a pretty standard video but made worth the watch just to feast your eyes on the near matching silver and black outfits and of course the brilliant shots of each of them as they perform. Especially fun to watch are the rotating shots of them together which coincide with the background synth of the track.
"NOAH" comes in three editions in total and all of them with special trading cards included.
There is the Limited Edition (Type A) which comes complete with DVD of the music video to "NOAH", and also two Regular Editions (Type B and C) which come with a different third bonus track.