Rose Noire

After the Release of their debut album, Rose Noire speak for Kirin Works...


Can you introduce yourselves and tell us how Rose Noire Originated?

Louie: Rose Noire is artists based on classical music added Rock,club music and others who over the genre and countries.

We were classmates in the University and the other students didn't have interest in besides classical music.


You're first album [APOCALYPSE] has recently been released, how long did the process take? Was it an enjoyable one?

Louie: To say about songs,most pieces were composed yet.  So,we took about 3 months for re-arranging,recording.

It was so harder than I expected!


Do you have a favourite song from the album? And Why this choice?

Louie: My favourite is Perfectionism.

Jill: It is Driven.

Louie: Because "Perfectionism" express recent Rose Noire's style means Luxury and Aggressive.

Jill: It gives me the definite picture in my mind.


Your music has a rather unique sound to it, what was your influences and inspiration into creating this sound ?

Louie: I don't care anything for creating.

But all I do care when I compose is to take out plain music what exist in my head.


When writing and composing a song, how long does it usually take?

Louie: shortest one took 1 night,and longest one took 6 months.

I think average is 1 month.


Did you have any childhood heroes that helped who you are today?

Jill: I've had respect for Tim Burton from when I was child and I longed to be a witch.

Louie: My hero was Sergei Rachmaninoff[Pianist,Composer].


We chose EARS, as a song to review from [APOCALYPSE], can you sum up this song in one word?

Louie: Ears is important song for us as the last song for show and it changed the direction of Rose Noire as we are now.


What were your thoughts on creating this song?

Louie: About Ears,I have a little story.

My friend,who is composer,told me that he want to compose a song themed ears because of he has a fetish about women's ears.

So,I thought,in Japanese,we pronounce ears "mimi".

It is same sound E note in Italy.

I used a lot of E note for this song for composing before he finished his work.


Who are your biggest influences in fashion?

Louie: the character of "BLAME" the comic by Tsutomu Nihei.

Jill: It is my original style.So there is not especially.


If you could collaborate with any band or solo artist, who would you choose?

Louie: Marilyn Manson,Vitas,Bjork,MUSE.


You have a show next year in the US, any future plans for a world tour?

Louie: Not yet but we want to go to various country for tour,of course particularly the UK.


Finally a message for the UK...

Louie: I hope I can meet you and have a show as soon as possible!!

Jill: I'm glad that I can have relationship with you on this interview!!