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Sekai no Owari
Seishun wa Wrist Cut

17th July 2013
Sekai no Owari
Written by Rachel Yarwood
 "Sekai no Owari" is a pleasantly upbeat and catchy new rock song  from  visual kei band R-Shitei. 
 There is an abundance of melodies from the guitars (Z and Kaede), a  fantastic tempo from the drums (Hirotaka) and a bass rhythm  (Nanahoshi) exuberant enough to get anyone's toes tapping at  least. 
 Mamo's vocals are full of energy, the tone is powerful, which is  resonant in  melody just as the musical composition is. Each verse  begins smooth  but as the song progresses Mamo's voice becomes more lyrical and enchanting to listen to. 
"Orange" is a very good b-side track to R-Shitei's single. This one also is a fairly up-beat track but, unlike "Sekai no Owari", this track is attractively remedying to listen to after the exhilerating fast pace the single introduced us to in comparison. In particular Nanahoshi's bass line has a brilliant bouncing rhythm to it which enhances the lyrical nature of the vocals very well making it near impossible not to want to enjoy listening to this song. 
"Sekai no Owari" will be released officially on the 17th of July in two editions in total.
The Regular Edition will feature two tracks, "Sekai no Owari" and "Orange".
The Limited Edition will feature the same two songs plus an additional DVD featuring the music video for "Sekai no Owari".
Seishun wa Wrist Cut
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Seishun wa Wrist Cut", the second single release from R-Shitei this year, is simply bursting with energy. 
As the title track, "Seishun wa Wrist Cut" arguably boasts the most energy on this release as it continues through out whether it is through the heaviness and fast pace of the guitars (Z and Kaede) or the high power from Hirotaka's tempo and rhythm on the drums. 
Along with the rhythm guitar we also have the deep bass rhythm from Nanahoshi giving us an even more heavier element to the song. This is of course balanced very well by some interesting melodies from the lead guitar, adding a little bit of rock and roll quirkiness, and also Mamo's vocal work with his strong voice and catchy lyrics. 
"Seishun wa Wrist Cut" is an easy to like track and also enjoyable to listen to. The vocals, and the mixture between heavy rock and melodic rock, have been combined to create a new song that is both powerful and fun to listen to over and over again.  
"Minna Shine", which is the second track on the single, begins with drums and guitars and you almost think that this is going to be a little heavier than "Seishun wa Wrist Cut" especially when you hear that opening scream. However as the song opens fully the tempo is actually slower, but by no means would you then believe "Minna Shine" to be any less beguiling. 
"Minna Shine" is still just as strong, equally just as catchy, and we do hear that opening heaviness again for the bridge which fits in perfectly with the sound of the song and helps to accelerate that excitement once more. 
"Seishun wa Wrist Cut" will be released officially on the 24th of April in two editions, Regular and Limited, only. The Regular Edition will feature three tracks in total, "Seishun wa Wrist Cut", "Minna shine" and "ByeBye". The Limited Edition will feature the first two tracks only but will also come with an additional DVD featuring the music video for "Seishun wa Wrist Cut".