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4th March 2015
Written by Rachel Yarwood
The title track "Slow", which is also the name of Plastic Tree's new single release, is a altogether a lovely track to listen to but there is also a risk that this one will not be ranked amongst their more memorable releases. 
As you take in the front cover of the single you are struck by the interesting artwork and yet when "Slow" opens with it's serene guitar melody and calming tempo, the composition being almost a ballad in nature, some listeners may feel slightly let down. 
On the other hand Ryutaro's vocals do add that little bit more to the track by throwing in some throaty rasps and at times some really excellent and emotional high notes to compliment the beautiful melodies. The simplicity of "Slow" makes it a stunning song to listen to, the bass lines rolling over the beautiful melody of the guitar and the charming quality of the vocals, but altogether it doesn't evoke much excitement.
The second track, "Kao suri ron", does redeem things, especially with the more upbeat pace and rocking guitar composition towards the end, but the most memorable track which you can listen to on the Regular edition on the single release is arguably the remix "Maimu". Compared to "Slow" this is definitely a colourful track. "Maimu" is energetic and in a sort of bohemian way it gives the single some funk, which when you imagine the genre that defines Plastic Tree this sounds really weird however this one could possibly be the track that sticks to memory the most out of all three.
"Slow" will be released officially on the 4th of March in four editions in total. 

4th September 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Doko" is the upbeat and arguably experimental new single release from Plastic Tree. The title track itself starts things off pretty good with the melodic guitar opening (Akira Nakayama) and strong drum beat (Kenken Sato), however there is also a darker undertone creeping through from the bass (Tadashi Hasegawa) and the vocals (Ryutaro Arimura). 
The bass lines are wonderfully prominent and rather deep through out "Doko", which really counters the charming melodic flow of the guitar composition. The vocals too give this more darker and dreary effect up until the bridge where things take a slightly more surreal tone with smoother and echoed singing before surprising us with little husky growls accentuating some of the lyrics for the final chorus. 
The second track on the Regular Edition release, "Jikanzaka", changes the flow of the single as an almost ballad like track. The consistent and near regular beats of the drums keeps the pace slow and steady whilst accompanied by a nice flow of the bass and lovely strumming melodies from the guitar. Ryutaro's vocals now also sound remarkably serene with a more serenading tone for this track. 
The third and final track on "Doko" (Regular Edition) is entitled "Airen” (not counting out the remix tracks that you can find on the other two editions) and is quite clearly the reason for calling this release experimental. "Airen" is an odd, or edgy, track to which fans of Bjork might find interesting to listen to. There is arguably a sense of trance with the scratchy and jumpy melodies, the only thing seemingly consistent is the deep rhythm from the bass, which for some fans of Plastic Tree might not be agreeable on a first listen. 
"Doko" will be released officially on the 4th of September in three editions in total; Regular and Limited Edition A and Limited Edition B.

5th September 2012
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Shion", the newest edition to Plastic Tree's discography, is yet another outstanding piece of music from the band. 
On the other hand, as far as singles go, it might prove difficult to choose which edition of "Shion" to purchase as there are four in total, which offer either the same track in different versions or re-recordings of previous tracks. 
 "Shion" opens with a rather mellow feel. Especially, Ryutaro's (vocals) brilliant capability to switch the tone of his voice of the lyrics and the mood of the song is shown to it's full capacity with this new track as he first begins mellow and soft to compliment the music, and as the chorus opens fully his vocals adopt the more growl-like and edgy quality. 
The music also expands for the chorus, leaving behind the more acoustic element and bringing in the electric guitar (Akira). The drum beats (KenKen) and bass rhythms (Tadashi) also appear louder for this section, which again flows in sync with the change of vocal tone. 
The song opens and closes in the same way. The music flows beautifully from start to finish, seemingly in a story-like fashion. It is almost like this song is taking you on a journey, which makes it in a way musically picturesque; you can almost visualize through the emotive compositions.
"Shion" will be released officially as of the 5th of September and it will come in four editions altogether; Regular A, Regular B, Limited A, and Limited B.  The Regular A Edition will feature three tracks "Shion", "Mahiru No Tsuki" (Rebuild) and "Shion" (Instrumental).  The Regular B Edition will feature "Shion", "Ether Note" (Rebuild) and "Shion" (Instrumental).  The Limited A Edition will feature three versions of "Shion" plus an additional DVD with the music video and finally, the Limited B Edition will feature the same songs plus an additional DVD.
29th February 2012
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Along with the release of their newest single, "Joumyaku", Plastic Tree have also announced that their upcoming national tour will be going ahead next month. 
As "Joumyaku" begins, we get this very soft and dreamlike atmosphere, much like what we would expect from a ballad. 
However, as soon as this introduction subsides, a mass of guitar, drums and bass clears this perception and we realise that this is far from being a ballad. There is absolutely no mistaking anything in this track as you can hear everything as clear as if you were to listen to each instrument individually. 
Even as Akira's guitar solo, as regrettably short lived as it may be for many fans, hits the mark perfectly, you can still make out the bass lines from Tadashi and the fantastic rhythmic and upbeat tempo from Kenken on the drums which remains prominent through out the song. 
Ryutaro is right on key with his vocals as can be expected, although you could say he sounds a little more hoarse than normal, possibly due to still recovering from throat infections. 
To start, Ryutaro's vocals are subtle and compliment the ballad effect that the beginning of "Joumyaku" fools us into believing. We then get a slight growl before the instruments take over with their mass of sound and he gives us that more rougher and unique quality that he has become renowned for. 
This song is right on track for Plastic Tree fans and will surely excite those fans who will be seeing them in their upcoming shows (even more so if they have not seen this at last year's live!).
If not, we have the live version of this track on the limited editions of the single release instead and it is just as good, if not better, than the title track itself. The sound from the guitar is amplified even more because of the venue, plus the added cheers and screams that greet the song at the beginning is simply hair raising to listen to. 
"Joumyaku" is set for official release on the 29th February and comes in four editions in total; Regular Type A and B, plus Limited Type A and B editions. 
The Regular Type A and B editions come with "Joumyaku", plus the instrumental version, and also an additional track "Narihibiku Kane (Rebuild)" (Type A) or "Itai Ao (Rebuild)" (Type B).
The Limited Type A and B editions each come with "Joumyaku", the live version of "Joumyaku" and also the instrumental version, plus an added DVD which features different music videos. 
With a very modern electro sound mixed with the old instrument of the shamisen and Fukusuke’s harmonious voice, the over all effect is pretty interesting. Definitely not for those who dislike synthesized voices but the instrumental should appeal to many if that is the case.  This release comes in two types with the headline song ‘adeosu’ as well as an instrumental version and the song ‘Fighting road’.  Limited edition also comes with the promotional video.