Can you introduce yourselves individually, and explain how ORDER IN DISORDER was created...

I’m the vocalist Sai. The band was C-key’s idea and we decided to all take the same direction in life, so… Order In Disorder was the result.

I’m C-key, one of Order In Disorder’s guitarists. It was I who gathered all the members together, but we all discussed and decided together how we wanted the band to be and how we were going to struggle together to get the sound of the band right.

I’m Towa on guitar, nice to meet you!

How do you do? I’m Rea in charge of bass for Order In Disorder, pleased to meet you.

…and I’m Sho, on supporting drums.


What made you choose the name "ORDER IN DISORDER" and did you have any other name ideas?

C-key: The meaning of the name "Order in Disorder" is the evolution of creativity, there are always two sides, two faces, front and back, light and dark. There weren’t really any other name ideas, this name fit us best right from the start.


Can you explain the origins of your logo?

Sai: It is derived from the concept of duality embodied in Gemini, the astrological star sign.

C-key: They look like twins but neatly express the idea of individuality, as I had intended.


Where do you get the influences for your style?

Sai: Kyo from Dir en grey

C-key: John Petrucci from Dream Theater and Victor Smolski of RAGE.

Towa: Mike Smith from Limp Bizkit

Rea: HYDE from L'Arc-en-Ciel. That’s where I got my inspiration to focus on bass.

Sho: It’s impossible for me to choose! For me, all music is an influence.


Your 1st mini album ENDLESS SORROW, was released back in March, what have you been doing since then?

C-key: In order to spread our name and reputation we’ve been playing all our own music at live gigs.

Rea: Taking part in live gigs and working on creating new songs.

Sai: The mini-album sold out so quickly! Now, as the vocalist for the group, I’ve been trying to participate in lots of sessions in order to broaden and sharpen my ability.


When you first started out as a band, what was your ultimate goal?

C-key: To leave a legacy and to give people some real music.


Have there been any problems within the band, if so how have you overcome them?

C-key: There have been no major problems. We like to talk through our issues while making great tasting food together….


Is there a particular band you'd love to tour with?


C-key: I’d say, Evanescence

Towa: GramMaria, rice

Rea: Definitely L'Arc-en-Ciel.

Sho: Personally, Tokyo Jihen


Can you each tell us your favourite part of about playing live shows, and why?

Sai: When the audience and artists are on stage together.

C-key: The moment when my heart is fully in the music.

Towa: The release of my soul into the crowd.

Rea: The moment when we are as one.

Sho: The tangible feeling when you feel you’re on the world stage.

Everyone: Because that’s when it feels good...


What are your main motivations in life and in music?

Everyone: To leave a legacy! To get an emotional discharge.


What would you each say is your talent, that isn't music?

Sai: I can also speak Chinese.

C-key: I do martial arts.


Which CD that you own is your favourite and why?

Sai: Order In Disorder’s ENDLESS SORROW because we put our everything into it.

C-key: Michael Jackson’s They Don't Care About Us

Towa: We are the world

Rea: Our own album ENDLESS SORROW because I have the deepest feelings for it.

Sho: Aja by Steely Dan


As it's the festive season, if you could put anything on your Christmas list, what would it be?

Everyone: Without a doubt, more equipment, (laugh)


Do you have any special plans for Christmas and the New Year, or will you just be working?

Sai: None in particular, we will just be working…


Can we look forward to a new single in the near future?

C-key: Our new single will be out on the 2nd of May!


Finally a message to the UK?

Sai: To everyone in the UK, always look to the future, you’ll be in the place where you want to be one day. I’m grateful to everyone for your support!

C-key &Towa: Please leave a legacy and always remember it.

Rea: Everyone in the UK, let’s rock

Sho: We’ll meet (again) someday! Have fun!