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SHINZUI - The Power-
Stand Up!

29th September 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
The second of the 'SHINZUI' releases, "SHINZUI - THE POWER", is a brilliant follow on from their first and previous release "SHINZUI - FRONTIER" which was released earlier at the end of July. 
As the title track, "THE POWER", opens you are once more taken in by another brilliant upbeat and melodic rock song. It is almost hard not to believe that you haven't been time warped, and whether you feel the urge to grab your leathers or paint on some colour is entirely up to you, as the classic 80's metal is a definite element shining through here. 
The bouncing guitar melodies and bass rhythms, the stylish drumming and the vocal work from both frontman Dancho and background alike, combines to give us the right amount of energy. 
The catchy flow of the chorus make it all the more easy to sing along and move to as well, not just because it is "The Power" in English but the upbeat rhythms and the melodies really give off this feel-good energy that makes "THE POWER" rather fun to listen to. 
"Carnival" on the other hand, whilst keeping to that distinctive 80's rock feel, borders on being more metal. The bass lines are more pronounced and the guitar work is more outstanding with deep riffs and another superb guitar solo but, unlike "THE POWER", this one will possibly be the more memorable for some fans as, despite not having any catchy background vocals, "Carnival" gains with its more unique and heavier quality.
"SHINZUI - THE POWER" will be officially released in Europe on the 25th of September and will come with five tracks in total, "THE POWER", "Carnival", "Ukiyo ROCKS" and two live versions of "Kijyou no Kuron" and "Keiken"

31st July 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
NoGod's single "SHINZUI - FRONTIER" opens with "FRONTIER", a heavy but lyrical rock track, instantly drawing us in with an escalating guitar melody, rhythm and followed closely by a rapid drum beat. 
The 'dramatic' tone of "FRONTIER" intensifies even further once Dancho's vocals open the song fully. The drumming also steps things up another gear, especially with the kick drum, which becomes this unrelenting powerful force that stays with you until the very end of the track.
Amongst this, Dancho's vocals offer that inflection of melodious metal that remains strong and clear through out. He offers an exquisite range, complimenting each change of mood to the track, from throaty growls to the catchy harmonies of the chorus which of course hits close to the operatic in places. 
The instrumental is an interesting and nifty composition that showcases not just the guitar solo but also a change in rhythm. This is a good feature to "FRONTIER", it has not been done delicately, which really builds up even more attention when first listening to the song. 
The second track, "Orokana Ou", is equally as impressive. The overall pace sounds slower as the song opens for the first verse and chorus but there is a fantastic heavy bass rhythm and the same tenacious drum beat as before. The guitar however is a lot more upscale with a more highlighted and longer solo instrumental this time.
"Aisuru mono ni bara wo" is the most melodic track on the single release. It is also the most experimental composition wise, which you can hear from the sharp guitar pieces especially, and altogether this song rounds off "Shinzui - Frontier" brilliantly as the final studio track. 
"SHINZUI - FRONTIER" will be released officially in Europe and America on the 31st of July. It will come with five tracks in total which are "FRONTIER", "Orokana Ou", "Aisuru mono ni bara wo" and two live tracks "Stand Up!" and "Pandora". 
10th October 2012
 Stand up!

Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Stand up!", the title track on NoGod's newest single release, explodes with K leading the way with a single 'gun-shot' pound of his drums. Instantly we are attracted by this sudden outburst for an opening track and our focus is kept high as the bass (Karin) and guitars (Kyrie, Shinno) follow rapidly with deep and pounding rhythms. 
As Dancho, on vocals, enters with the first verse he gives "Stand up!" a bit more of an edgy and unique indie rock feel. His lyrics are clear and yet his voice also has this rougher tone to it. The melodies of his singing balance the heavier sound coming from the instruments very well, but at the same time you can hear this slight raw undertone which threatens to let loose at any moment. 
The instrumental gives way to the heavier and slightly more metal genre. Firstly K leads with some rather fast work on the foot pedals and cymbals, whilst Karin brings the supporting rhythm up another notch with a thumping pulse, before the guitar solo steals our attention away. 
Dancho takes us back into the chorus again with one melodic scream and "Stand up!" closes as rapidly and energetic as it introduced us to in the very beginning.
The second track on the single, "Hallelujah", starts off with a slightly slower pace to begin with until the introductory guitar piece. This track then becomes more of your bouncy rock song with a good upbeat pace and plenty of vocal melodies. Dancho does seem to be pushing out those higher notes, not too strained, but perhaps just hitting the mark before becoming too much to handle. 
"Naraku", the last track on the single, unlike the first two is definitely the most adventurous sound wise and arguably the most heaviest we have heard especially between each verse and chorus. 
The edgy lead guitar composition is quite stark against the rhythms of the other instruments. The bass, drums and rhythm guitar thrash away full throttle in a surge of powerful sound whilst the lead guitar keeps things interesting with a strange melody. 
The single closes quite brilliantly with a rapid drum beat and then the fading sound of the guitars which, in a way, you can almost imagine the smoking of the gun as it cools after the explosion that was the beginning of "Stand up!". 
"Stand up!", NoGod's newest single, will be released officially on the 10th of October and will come in two editions in total. The first, the Regular Edition, will feature three tracks as mentioned; "Stand up!", "Hallelujah" and "Naraku". The second, the Limited Edition, will feature only "Stand up!" and "Hallelujah". The bonus DVD that comes with this edition will feature the music video for "Stand up!" plus the making of.