Ninjaman Japan
November 2012

Kirin Works spoke to Ninjaman Japan before their debut performance at Hyper Japan...

Can you please introduce yourselves and tell us what you're most looking forward to tonight?
I am drummer Pinky, this is the first live concert in London so we are looking forward to the show tonight!
I am Sarino on vocals, I am most looking forward to people seeing our band for the first time since we have never been to London before and we hope to live up to that challenge.
I am Daishi on guitar, I want to surprise and shock the people here because they haven't seen us before.
I am Lida on guitar and I want to give everybody the present of smiling faces all around.
And I am Metal on bass. I hope to look for dreams happiness and hope in London.

Some bands create stories or backgrounds for their roles within the band, are there any for yours?
Metal: This is exactly what we represent, with every show we tell a different story in the music and in the drama. We tell more stories then any other band!

How did you all come together as a band?
Metal: We came toether to fight for justice and at the same time...we all look cool together.

How are you enjoying London so far?
Metal: We are enjoying ourselves very much.
Sarino: I wish we could stay longer.

You perform a lot of action on stage, have you had any accidents?
Metal: Only one very small thing, Lida got a little bit carried away with his movements and the all the dials on the guitar went back to zero and had to be retuned...but we've never really had any injuries so far. A few accidents but none serious. Children should not copy us!

In your opinion, who or what would make the perfect party?
Metal: We want to have a party that happens everyday!
Daishi: We want to have a party with all who love us in the fandom! So they can can all party with us.

Can you tell us the best and/or worst traits of each member of the band?
Metal: Pinky is a bright and happy person...but he is a bright and happy person ALL the time...even when he sleeps. So it can get a little annoying.   Daishi can speak the most English out of all of us.
Daishi: Only a little bit!  We see Metal as the daddy of the band, he looks after us all. Sarino is a very good friend, we are always together. Finally, like a pet.
Lida: I think the same for everyone, but I think Daishi is like the mother of the group...or like a girlfriend...
Metal: Ahhh...He's coming out!
Everyone: *laughs*
Lida: Sarino is a good friend and yes, Pinky is the pet...
Pinky: *laughs and nods vigorously*

If you could each be anyone, or anything for a day...Who or what would you be?
Daishi: I would like to be someone who could see the world in a day!
Pinky: I want to be invisible...because then I could...*peeks through fingers suggestively*
Everyone: *laughs*
Metal: I want to be a woman....because I want to give birth to children!
Lida: I want to be a big muscle man so I can hold women up!
Sarino: I want to be English!

Finally a message for your fans in the UK...
Pinky: It is nice to meet you all, this is the first time we are here as Ninjaman Japan and we want to do our best to entertain you. Next time we come we will be...Ninjaman England!