Nightmare - Scums


Run time: --
Number of tracks: 14

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 30th January 2013

My name is "SCUM"
Ame to yoru ni ochite
Owaru Sekai no Hajimari ha ki Nari
I'm not
Deus ex Machina

Now in their 13th year as a band, Nightmare have given us a brand new album entitled "SCUMS" to sink our little teeth into, and for fans of the quintet it really is an album worth the listen. 
There are a generous 14 tracks and amongst these are tracks that you may, or may not, recognize from previous single releases from over the past year such as "mimic" and their newest single "Deus ex Machina". 

"My name is 'SCUM'" is a rather surprising opening for the band. It catches you off guard to begin with as it is a heavy alternative to what we have recently been becoming accustomed to with their sound. The tone of the vocals also is a little shouty but altogether this, as an introduction into the album, is unexpected and impressive all the same. 
We then have the same familiar Nightmare sound with the tracks that follow, including "mimic", with rolling drums beats (RUKA) and plenty of melody from the guitars (Hitsugi , Sakito) and of course Yomi's operatic vocal range.

The fourth track "riddle" however is where things start to take another exciting turn. This song has all the elements of the Nightmare that we know but with a disctinctive new twist. They have incorporated older, more neutral, sounds such as the grind of the guitars, the deep and prominent bass line (Ni-ya) along with the rolling drums and Yomi's vocals, with the more riskier sounds of the electronics. They have taken a risk with this but it has definitely paid off to their advantage and will arguably become one of the stronger tracks on the album. 

"Ame to yoru ni ochite" then changes the atmosphere of the album completely. This is a slower, more ballad, type of track with plenty of beautiful melodies and accompanying vocal work. 
Yomi's vocals themselves are rather serene in tone, emotionally moving and a pleasure to listen to. "Ame to yoru ni ochite" is probably what you would class as the quintessential Nightmare album ballad but at the same time being one that is truly fresh and totally different from past albums. 

In fact, so far, the entire album arguably is sounding pretty fresh and exciting to the point where you might be tempted into thinking that this really is a poignant album in the band's career and most likely will become, at least, one of the most memorable releases from the past couple of years. 
"SCUMS" then develops again, becoming catchy and upbeat, with the next songs and there is a return of the electronic elements as well for the eighth track "Owaru sekai no hajimari ha ki nari". 
"Droid" also is another song which will be certain to get your pulses working overtime. Although the pace, in comparison, has slowed just a little for this track, the sound is still new and interesting with low and deep tones and a slight industrial element with regards to the backing percussion. 
"404" follows this and lifts the mood again with a slightly cheeky atmosphere now and in particular to keep your ears out for are the fun vocal works going on. Another strong point about "404" is of course the guitar solo from Sakito, which is rather short in comparison to what we might be used to and in comparison to many of the tracks on this album, but it is just so fitting to overall style of the track as they are both fast, energetic and snappy. However, if this disappoints you somewhat you will overcome this when the opening notes of "Deus ex machina" tremble into your eardrums. Of course if you have already heard the single you will know all too well the skill on guitar that is on its way. 

"BEHIND THE MASK", the final track, is a rapid closure to the album. Not in the sense that it is short, but because of the general sound of this song. It is very heavy, leaning more towards what we might think of one of the band's 'Gianism' tracks... a heavy... solid... rock song with plenty of grinding guitars, deep bass notes, crashing drums and overall this brings the album to a loud and fantastic finale. 
"SCUMS" will be released officially on the 30th of January and will come in three editions in total; Regular, Limited A and Limited B. 
The Regular Edition will hold the most tracks, at fourteen as mentioned, whereas the Limited A Edition will only feature twelve (all up to "Deus ex machina") plus a bonus DVD with the music video for "ASSaulter". 
The Limited B Edition will feature the same twelve tracks as the Limited A Edition and will also come with a bonus DVD featuring the music video for "Owari sekai no hajimari ha ki nari".