Naomi Suzuki


Is this your first time in Manchester?
This is my second time here!

How does it compare to London?
The people in Manchester are a lot warmer, like today I could see lots of happy faces... I think the people in London are more shy!
Have you had a chance to look around the city?
No I haven't this time because I am going back to London today to play another gig... but I will come back
You've done pretty much everything in the music industry as well as acting and being a radio personality, how do you fit everything into your everyday life?
I am doing different things, but my music comes naturally. I also look after J-Pop stars when they come here to the UK because with my help and with my experience already, it makes their time here much easier, so I really enjoy all aspects of my work... it is never boring!

Has there ever been a point where you have felt you are too busy?
I have to create time for myself, which is challenging but at the same time I enjoy it.

Which J-pop stars have you looked after here?
I have looked after... Utada Hikaru! 
Which part of your career has been the most enjoyable for you?
If you could perform either in music or acting, with anyone at all, who would it be?
For singing it would be... Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. Acting? Hmmm... I would act with Keira Knightley
How does working as a solo act compare to working as a duo with AJ Unity?
In a duo, in a musical sense, you have to work backwards a bit because it is not always me! me! me! You are working with another person so you both work together whereas when I am solo I can think about just what I want, but it also means on stage I need to have more confidence and need to have all the stage to myself.
You had a small voice part in "Iczelion" which would be your favourite Anime?
Sailor Moon!
If you could compare yourself to any anime character, who would it be? 
Sailor Moon! 
Performing here and at Hyper Japan is a really good showcase to the UK for Japanese Musicians, how was your experience with Hyper Japan? Would you like to play there again?
At Hyper Japan there was a lot more people, lots of people together in one space and they always have a stage. The people here though are very friendly. In the crowd today they danced, they waved and they moved together but in London they do not always want to... I think they are really shy 
You are a PR Ambassador in your home city, how does that feel?
It is really good. The last time I went over there, I stayed for seven days and there was a newspaper article written that was talking about me... whenever I go and wherever, if it was in a coffee shop for example, people notice me and I feel like a star!
I made a video for one of my songs and I wanted people from my home city to sing and dance with me on this video... so I asked the newspaper if they could get people to come together for this video and they did! There were people of all different ages who came to the video shoot and it was amazing... from babies to people who were over 80 years old. It was the power of the people and I really want others to use this to make others happy.
How does living in London affect your being an Ambassador?
Well... I did really long hours for Japan Matsuri, I MC'd and performed all day for many people. At Japan Matsuri I actually saw people from my home city in the audience, they had come to see me and I could see that they were very happy so it made me very happy as well."
Would you like to play Doki Doki again?
Finally, please can you give a message for the UK?
I'm so glad to see lots more people enjoying Japanese Pop and Anime music. About ten years ago I didn't know many people who knew about Japanese culture and the music... there were not many people who enjoyed it... but now there are! I am very happy for this and I hope to share this happiness with everyone.