Momoiro Clover Z


4th August 2015
Pledge of Z
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Momoiro Clover Z's summer single release will not just be another exciting release from the popular idol group but will also be the official theme song for the next Dragon Ball Z movie ("Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'").
The new single is aptly named "Pledge of Z" and will be available to download from the 4th of August in two editions, the regular edition and an exclusive edition. 

"Pledge of Z" opens with pretty melodies before giving way to a fantastic, heavy, rolling drum beat and pounding bass-lines. Rather obscure perhaps. However the perfect harmonies and enthusiastic vocals, together with the returning melodies, offsets this brilliantly and we have an energetic and exciting opening track that will please fans of both Momoiro Clover and Dragon Ball Z. 
The energy never falters in this track and if one version wasn't enough, the Japanese version "Z no Chikai" follows so you can enjoy both versions one after the other.

"Cha La Head Cha La" has a slower tempo but holds no less vitality especially where the chorus is concerned which will surely commit fans to sing along if this song should ever find its way onto the set list of a live show. 

"Pledge of Z" will be released for digital copy only and as previously mentioned it will be released on the 4th of August worldwide. It will feature both English and Japanese versions of the title track, plus the B-side and additional voiceless versions of each track.