Miyavi "SLAP THE WORLD" @ O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire

O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire
15th March 2014
Written by Rachel Yarwood

Day 1
Hell No / Chase It
Chillin' Chillin' Money Blue$
Selfish Love
Kimi Ni Negai Wo
Guard You
Cry Like This / No One Knows My Name
Futuristic Love

Subarashikikana Kono Sekai - WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD
Ahead Of The Light
What's My Name?

The last time we saw Miyavi performing here in the UK was three years ago and the impression from his "WHAT'S MY NAME?" tour left many fans in limbo so it wouldn't be hard to understand why few would not be all that excited for this tour.
On the other hand his latest releases and the progress of the tour already on his social media sites, packed out venues and smiling faces, should be proof enough that Miyavi's "SLAP THE WORLD" tour is going ahead pretty well? 
Miyavi's "SLAP THE WORLD" London show, held at Shepherd's Bush Empire, began without a hitch. With most seats filled and a decent crowd gathered on the ground floor, Miyavi and his accompanying drummer Bobo, entered onto the stage to tremendous cheers and began the night with "Day 1" followed by "Strong". Immediately the crowd went wild. The energy on and off the stage was invigorating, the crowd dancing and hanging on Miyavi's every movement as he himself soaked up the atmosphere with great enthusiasm. 

Amongst the monstrous set list we were treated to some old classics amongst the tracks from his last couple of albums. "Kimi Ni Negai Wo" in particular causing much of a stir amongst many in the crowd who joined in word for word, as this ended, Miyavi spoke that "It doesn't matter where we come from and what language we speak... the music brings us all together" which in this instance it really did. 
The show took a more laid back approach as Miyavi toned it down for a few more emotional and slow tempo songs. The audience now quite still apart from the voices that, united together, echoed through the venue along with Miyavi as he too seemed reflective in comparison up to this point. Although it was not at all a surprise that as the opening beat and the guitar slaps of "Ganryu" sounded that both Miyavi and the fans once again burst into dance and throwing their fists into the air along to the energetic rhythms for a second spell which followed into the encore and lasted right until the end. 

Miyavi's performance in London tonight was near perfect, the only possible thing that may have put a downer on this gig tonight would have been the slight overpowering volume of the backing music and vocals for some of the tracks, the volume just a little too high over Miyavi's own microphone. 
Other than that, it was a brilliant show; wild... charming... emotional and without a doubt a good time was had by all.