20th February 2013
Ahead of the Light
Written by Rachel Yarwood

To say that this new release is exciting will actually be an understatement for many fans of Miyavi as from the first listen, the first opening seconds of this new song, "Ahead of The Light" will evoke an enormous amount of emotion. 
"Ahead of The Light" is a powerful new track, bursting with energy, and overall a sound that will prove very difficult to not warrant a dance to. This new song is definitely a breath of fresh air after Miyavi's last couple of albums over the years and will really boost the excitement surrounding the next album due for June release. 
"Ahead of The Light" creates a much loved hard rock and dance atmosphere along with the superbly raw and emotive vocals from Miyavi. The rhythm and tempo are fast paced and bouncing. The guitar work is equally fast and inventive. This track promotes a lot of the style similar to the "Kabuki Rock" era but there seems to be a new lease of life with this song that can only get better as it continues. 
Even the accompanying music video to "Ahead of The Light" is just as strong and visually effective. Looking as though it is shot on the set of a Fast and Furious film, there is no shortage of vehicles or good looking dancers or colourful imagery so it really is a worth while video to watch if you have the chance. 
"Ahead of The Light" is a single well worth the trouble to put aside four minutes of your time to listen to. In fact, it probably wouldn't be a trouble at all and you may just find yourself putting this song on repeat at least a few times until you are satisfied or all danced out. 
"Ahead Of The Light" will be released officially on the 20th of February in two editions, Regular and Limited. Both editions will come with a CD and DVD however the content on the DVD's will vary. The Regular Edition will only feature the music video whereas the Limited Edition will feature seven clips in total including live sessions of tracks from "Samurai Sessions".