Miyavi - MIYAVI


Run time: 42 minutes
Number of tracks: 11

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 19th June 2013

Chase It
Cry Like This
Guard You
No One Knows My Name (Slap It)
Hell No
Ahead Of The Light
Day 1 (Album Version)
Free World

Many would agree that Miyavi's material has a spark, at times an incomparable energy, and an individuality that is hard to compare with. 

For his newest self-titled album, "MIYAVI", you can still hear these elements. Miyavi hasn't lost his individual spark. The opening "Justice" is a good song to start with, which will bring back memories of his 2010 album "What's My Name", with a simple drum and guitar composition followed by vocals. Despite the simplicity, the lyrics are a strong focal point, and the tempo of this track will be a definite highlight to join in and dance to at his upcoming live shows. 
On the other hand, for the first half of the album, the style or genre of each song are so far apart from each other that you find it hard to feel any sort of continuity. The first several songs switch too quickly from the one-man band sound, to sounding like the next dance-pop chart topper on the radio, to a slow tempo sultry track and then back to the one-man band style again.

Despite this inconsistent nature, once you have listened to "MIYAVI" completely, this really is the only issue you may have and it is all too easy to forgive and forget the tracks that don't particularly tickle your fancy because after the mid-way point the album does pick up. After all Miyavi's music has arguably always been creative, interesting and sometimes on the wild side, so in all fairness there will never be a unanimous agreement on a perfect release. 

Miyavi's vocals compliment each switch in style with apparent ease. There is of course the smooth playboy nature behind the vocals of "Secret" which works really well and then this completely changes when we get to "Guard You", which is a beautifully melodic composition on its own, where Miyavi's voice takes on a softer and more laid back approach. Towards the latter end of the album, where things start to sound a bit less erratically arranged, there are some brilliant examples of Miyavi at his best. Along with the lovely and charming "Guard You", the three tracks that follow are amongst the strongest on the album. "Hell No" and "Ahead Of The Light" will undoubtedly cause the most reaction for his upcoming London performance from his fans due to the constant and vibrant energy behind them. Not to mention the fancy guitar work as well. 

All in all "MIYAVI" is an interesting release, if a little unbalanced, but nevertheless it does impress in other ways such as the superb range of vocal ability and also the ability to at one point charm and then to hit back with a musical aggression we can only expect from a talent such as he.