O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire
27th September 2015
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Photography by Lorna Ransome

-25 Minute support set from 
Erica Nockalls-

What's my name?
Come alive
Selfish love
Cry like this
Let go
The others
M:I theme song
What a wonderful world
Day 1

MIYAVI returns to London, the first show of the European leg of his "We are the others" tour. The crowd becoming almost over excitable as the last few minutes counted down. 

MIYAVI's supporting act (yes we have a supporting act this time!) who goes by the name of Erica Nockalls brings a riotous wave of angst-y vocals and energetic violin and guitar riffs to the stage which goes down a storm with the crowd tonight. It is almost a shame that she and her band could not perform that little bit longer.

On with the main act and Bobo is first to enter on stage, followed closely by MIYAVI, who kick things off with "Cruel". The screams and cheers of excitement fade as we listen to the vocals, many throwing their fists in the air to the rhythm and beat of the drums, a mainly calm start to the concert but a brilliant way to then lead into the fast pace of "What's My Name?" which saw the entire of the lower ground of fans explode into dance mode. 

MIYAVI himself is on top form, writhing and dancing around the stage with an energy to make any person jealous whilst Bobo keeps the pace, occasionally encouraging the odd little stand off between the two of them, between drums and guitar, which thrill the crowd to see the banter between the two of them. 
"Cry Like This" proved to be a well received song performed at MIYAVI's last concert here in London and tonight it was the same. The room filled with unanimous voices, especially as each chorus started, arms swinging in perfect unison to the melodies. 

"The Others", although it was pretty obvious that it was going to make it on the set list tonight, was quite possibly the main highlight of the show. Not only is it a new and fresh song, from the album of the same title not long since release this year, but this song and "HORIZON" prove a brilliant finish to the main set. They are both lively songs that do not need much invitation for the crowd to belt out the lyrics and dance along to to the point of exhaustion... as if no-one was doing this already!

Tonight proved another well turned out and well experienced event. MIYAVI and Bobo performed brilliantly and the fans participated at every opportunity which is highly encouraging and makes the whole show feel that much more wholesome. "We are all the same" was just a part of MIYAVI's rather emotional speech and it rings true to many for different reasons but specifically we were all there, brought together, to enjoy the same performance through the same love of music. 
For MIYAVI's opening show here in the UK it was again an undoubted pleasure for all who came and it is now just a countdown to the next!