Mix Speaker's, Inc,


26th June 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"HELL FIRE", the newest single from Mix Speaker's, Inc., is an exquisite release from the Visual Kei rockers. 
The single gives us a bridge with a gothic, circus themed sound (one very fitting to their image). There is a bouncing piano melody and added synthesiser.  As the tempo increases we also have a rather nice guitar solo before the final chorus, which gives a slightly spooky element to the song. 
 The B-Side "Signpost" on the other hand offers something a little bit different now. There is a noticeable style change with this track as the very opening begins with a Latin dance element, or even a traditional festival sound perhaps, as opposed to the creepy tone that we first had with "HELL FIRE". This style continues through out "Signpost" keeping the flow upbeat and melodic in both composition and in the vocals from both Miki and Yuki. 
"HELL FIRE" altogether is an interesting, catchy, and highly enjoyable new single from Mix Speaker's, Inc. and will be released officially on the 26th of June in two editions. 
The Regular edition will feature the two tracks as mentioned, "HELL FIRE" and "Signpost", only.
The Limited edition features both of these track as well but also comes with a bonus DVD which features the accompanying music video to "HELL FIRE."

Shiny Tale
Written by Rachel Yarwood

"Shiny Tale", the newest single release from visual kei band Mix Speaker's,Inc., is also the brand new intro theme of the TV anime series "Danshi Kokosei no Nichijyo (Daily Lives of high school boys)." 
The Limited Edition C version of "Shiny Tale", which is the edition being reviewed here, also includes a second full length song entitled "Capsule," an insert song of the anime series as well as the "Shiny Tale (TV Edit)", "Shiny Tale (Instrumental)" and finally "Capsule (Instrumental)".
"Shiny Tale" begins with an odd, almost 'circus' type, melody from the guitars (Aya & Keiji). This is complimented however by the smooth vocals from both Yuki and Miki which give the song a more pop feel to it. S on drums gives us a good rhythm, keeping the song bouncy and upbeat through out, and together with the bass (Seek) and the melody of the guitars, "Shiny Tale" is an incredibly playful sounding song. 
This is enhanced even further by not only the guitar solo which has a fantastic flair and funk to it, but also by the accompanying music video. 
The music video has an interesting pirate theme going on which introduces each member individually, recreating a story which ends up in a stand off on the beach between Yuki and Miki. 
Fans of Mix Speaker's, Inc. really will not be found wanting after listening to this song and watching the video. The playful and artistic quality of the band's music alone is interesting enough, and then there is the matter of the costumes which you really cannot deny the effort that has gone in to creating those masterpieces. 
"Capsule" is the second full length track on the single. 
As opposed to the first track, this one is more downbeat and has a slight ballad feel to it with regards to the melodic and soothing vocals from Yuki and Miki. In particular the harmonies are wonderful to listen to in this song, both of them working well together alongside the other members of the band, making this song a nice and relaxing addition after the madness of "Shiny Tale". 
"Shiny Tale" will be out for official sale on the 22nd of February. This release will come in four editions, Regular and Limited editions types A,B and C.