November 2012

Kirin Works spoke to Ricky, Shun & Zero at their visit to Hyper Japan...

Welcome to London, how are you enjoying Hyper Japan?
Shun: It's really great, we're enjoying it very much.
Ricky: I've taken so many photographs!

How did you all come together as a band?
Shun: All of our members have been in previous bands which split up, then Kazuya, who couldn't make it, was the one who brought us all together. We went on from there.

Yesterday on the main stage, you mentioned you chose your band name from a list, can you remember any of the ones you didn't choose?
Ricky: We had 'Head Shark'...and 'Earnest Play'...*tries to explain what this means, but realises it's in English and doesn't need to be explained* I came up with all the names, and from there we chose the name The Micro Head 4ns.

What were your expectations of London?
Shun: I have the honest feeling that London is the holy land of rock. So we wanted to come with all 5 members and play a show. But we will be playing with all 5 at Underworld on March 2nd. Then we will see the power of London when we are all here to play.

Have you bought any souveniers?
Ricky: We went to Camden and bought so much stuff.
Shun: Zero bought a keyring with a "Z" on it...because his name starts with a Z...So it seemed right to him.
Ricky: *points to Shun's face*
Shun: Oh! I bought these sunglasses as well...
Zero: *points to head*
Shun: Yes! Zero also bought a new hat. Also I got a keyring of a  double decker bus.
KW: Did you finally get to ride a double decker bus today?
Ricky: No we didn't, we thought it was dangerous because we didn't know where it went if we did get on!

Did Zero give you any advice about England?
Shun: I can't remember a thing!
Ricky: He told us about Birmingham and the great curry there!

You mentioned a tour in March, do you have any planned releases between now and then?
Shun: We haven't really planned anything.
Ricky: We are planning new songs so we will probably announce them when they are written.

Do you think there are still major differences between Visual Kei fans in Japan and in the UK?
Zero: I have played a bit overseas before. I think that the feeling and energy of Visual Kei fans in Japan and the UK is coming together to become the same.

If you could each be anyone, or anything for a day...Who or what would you be?
Shun: Taking influence from Hyper Japan and anime, I would like to be Asuka from Evangelion!
Ricky: I would love to take a day to drive all over you do Rent-a-Car here? (KW: Yes...) Then I want to see all over England as well!
Zero: I want to be Big Ben!
Shun: Explain yourself...
Zero: I would be Big Ben because then I could watch the history while keeping the time of London!

When you leave home or go on tour, what item is essential to pack?
Shun: This time I needed something to connect to the internet. I didn't have this and it's caused a lot of stress, so I need something like a laptop with wi-fi.
Ricky: I want to learn English so I can make friends with English girls...
Shun: That wasn't the question idiot...
Ricky: Oh...then I will bring English skills on tour with me next time.
Zero: I want to wear a big Japanese flag on my back with the rising sun so I can show everyone my Japanese spirit! My Japanese soul is very important to me.

Is there anything you forgot to pack?
Zero: I came here to win a gold medal in the Olympics.
Ricky: You're a bit late though...
Zero: I know...I am a bit late, but I did come for that.
Shun: I forgot my Japanese spirit this time. Apart from that nothing in particular.
Ricky: Probably more clothes! More smart clothes.
KW: Did you forget to pack the other two?
Zero: Yes! We forgot them back in Japan but we will try to remember them in March!

Finally a message for your fans in the UK...
Ricky: Our tour is next year and our CD is also released in Europe, so please listen to our CD and come and see us on tour!
Zero: We are coming to Europe and we are looking forward to touring all over Europe, come and have fun at our live shows.
Shun: We are selling our CD in Europe so please learn our songs and come and sing along with us. Then we can go crazy and have a lot of fun! See you on tour next year!