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The cry against...

2nd May 2012
Written by Rachel Yarwood

The five piece rock sensation that make Merry are back once more with another marvellous single release to add to their growing discography. 
"Gunjou", which will be released officially on the 2nd of May, is everything you would expect from Merry as it stays true to their well-known style whilst also giving fans a taste of something fresh.  
The title track, also entitled "Gunjou", begins with a rolling drum beat (Nero) and melodic guitars (Yuu and Kenichi). This first track on the single starts us off with something incredibly upbeat, and as Gara follows with the opening vocals, he equals the melody side of things perfectly. Of course nothing would be complete without the slight growl in the background from him, which adds a little bit of that punkish quality to the song.
This is certainly a very melodic song to start "Gunjou" off with, but at the same time still holding that unique style with the ever interesting guitar compositions which never fail to impress, the strong drum beat and of course Gara's intense and definitive vocal range.  
"[collector]" is the second track on the single (Regular Edition) and near enough immediately you can sense the shift in style. 
Whilst "[collector]" begins with another roll of the drums, the tempo and rhythm drops dramatically. Gara's vocal range is lower for this track, as is the rhythm of the bass (Tetsu) and melody of the other instruments, altogether giving this song a much more darker feel. Even the chorus, which does pick up slightly, still holds a sort of gothic Visual Kei feel to it, reminiscent and not far from the style of the "Beautiful Freaks" album which was released last year. 
The third track on the Regular Edition CD is entitled "Melancholy". This song seems to mix both qualities from "Gunjou" and "[collector]", collaborating both melody and copious amounts of raw vocals, beginning with an easy melody and then switching to a fast tempo rock song bringing the single to a climatic close. 
There are four editions of "Gunjou" in total: Regular Edition, Limited Editions A and B, plus a Limited Edition Live Version.

1st December 2010
Written by Rachel Yarwood

“Yakou”, Merry’s third single of 2010, released on the 1st December 2010 throws you straight in to with this fast paced and heavy rock sound and you can grasp almost automatically the influences these guys have concerning their music. On the other hand, whilst you can sense this from their music, you can also sense how they make their music original to them, most effectively through Gara who shows a range to his vocal abilities, switching styles to suit the lyrics and the mood of the song with perfection.
"Yakou" is more along the heavier rock side of things, but again, with their knack for being so individualistic, you can sense the different styles within the music which makes it quite hard to pin a certain style on them. For this one on the single particularly, you can hear the pop but also the metal elements coming through with the deep bass, the striking guitar composition, the strong and prominent drum beat but also with Gara’s melodic and expertly innovative vocals. You may even suggest that there is a slight punk edge to the rhythm of this song.
The second song on the single, "Lost Generation", follows more of this punk style. Gara’s vocals especially are more edgier, there is a rougher quality to them, but he still keeps base with his melodic side. Compared with "Yakou", "Lost Generation" seems to be even more in-your-face with it’s fast pace, edgy melodies and deep, down to the core, rhythms.
Along with this single is not just the original "Yakou" version but also "Yakou - TAIHAI- mix" which isn't bad as far as remixes go, but it's one of those that you may just take or leave.
All in all, this newest single from Merry is a prefect piece to the end the year on. Not only do we have something new from the band, but it is darkly vibrant and promises even more next year. Can they top this? Of course they can, just remember to hold on tight, because they will be back with a vengeance to drown out everything else with something fresh for all willing ears. 

4th August 2010
The cry against...
Written by Keita Eiri-Uesugi

"The Cry Against/(Monochrome)" released on 4th August, 2010 is the bands first release of a single in just over a year. In comparison to the title track "Identity" on their "BURST EP" release on 4th July last year, you can already straight away tell that Merry is difficult to define in regards to sound. "Identity" has a punk rock, ska sound to it when the newest release, is fast paced, heavy-thrash in sound as well as an abundance of energy from start to finish.
Upon first listening to the track, you can instantly hear an industrial, techno sound pulsating in the background. This continues all the way through until it breaks for one calm chorus and thus the onslaught continues.
On drums, we have Nero. He throws himself into his instrument with great ferocity and speed that it's difficult to keep up with him, especially during the instrumentals of the track. It's the juxtaposition of both drums and guitars that help to add the heavy metal element to the song, as well as the rock side also.
Together with Tetsu on bass, the two complete a powerful rhythm section for this release.
Guitarists Yuu and Kenichi are a compelling duo together, adding a great quality of punch and electricity to the song. Both are rather dynamic entities, shredding their guitars through and through the repetitive riff that works its way throughout.
For the vocals, sections of the song seem to be muttered and other parts roared, showing that Gara is able to use his skills in many different ways, however his voice  doesn't seem to stand out much against the techno-rock mash up.
In conclusion, or as quoted by MEGADEATH's Marty Friedman: "...totally fresh!", although a strange way to describe the band, it's definitely true. With each single different to their last, Merry are a band whom will not get boring in a hurry.