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Paradigm Paradox
A Priori

7th October 2015
Paradigm Paradox
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Paradigm Paradox", Mejibray's newest single and title track, is a perfect explosion of thrashing guitars, energetic bass-lines, relentless drumming that never loses momentum and vocals that could champion from the darkest pits of hell. 
With a devilish mixture of shrieks and screams, terrific guitar compositions that swiftly give way from dark metal grind to melodic pieces in as short a time as you would take a breath, this opening track certainly gives the inner ear a good bashing that perhaps the front cover to the single should come with a health warning!
"Victim(ism)" however takes the pace down a notch or two... or three. We have instead a slower pace, more programming and less dark tones. The vocal work here is especially melodic with the odd growl here and there but overall, for the track as a a whole, it is definitely a sharp contrast to the title track. 
Mejibray are certainly keeping the goods coming, from their mini album "VENOMS" which was released in August to this release and another single due for release in November, the band are making sure that their fans are kept pleased and eager for what will be coming next.
"Paradigm Paradox" will be released officially on the 7th of October and it will be come in three editions in total which are Regular, Limited Edition A and Limited Edition B. Each will come with their own bonus features.

12th October 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Mejibray's next single release "Shuuei" is set for release less than a month after their last single "A Priori" hit the shelves. 
Unlike "A Priori", which has a very sinister feel to it, "Shuuei" is not quite as intensive to listen to. 
There is a definitively slower pace to the opening track but with a fantastic deep bass line and consistent drumming. With "Shuuei" we also have a remarkable amount of melody, not just with the instrumentation of the guitars that switch from a regular heavy rhythm to the solo part-way through, Tsuzuku's vocals also surprise us with an equal amount of melody which will be satisfying to any, if not all, ears. There are of course the odd snarls along the way, with added effects here and there and one final high pitched squeal that ends the track brilliantly. 
"Shuuei" definitely stands out as an opening piece to the new single. 
The second track, "Gesshoku", does lift the bar a little higher with some interesting background instrumentation, added vocaloid and programming and importantly a racier tempo! The pace of this track is more upbeat and heavier which would probably mark this as a favourite for many, or make it a little bit harder to choose which you like the most out of the two. 
"Shuuei" will be released officially on the 2nd of October and it will come in three editions in total, Regular, Type A and Type B. 
The Regular Edition will feature three tracks only, which are "Shuuei", "Gesshoku" and "Shitto".
Type A will feature only the first two tracks and will come with an additional DVD with the music video of "Shuuei" and live footage. 
Type B will feature the same tracks but the additional DVD will only come with live footage. 

4th September 2013
A Priori
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"A Priori", the newest single release from MEJIBRAY, certainly makes for an interesting listen. The title track opens and we are instantly hit with a medley of harsh vocals (Tsuzuku), pounding beats, crashing cymbals (METO) and heavy instrumentation from the guitar (MiA) and bass (Koichi). 
As the chorus enters there is an introduction of some more pleasant sounding melodies from Tsuzuku's vocals in comparison to what we heard in the opening, but this is tainted by the near metal riffs that sound through underneath the prettier quality of what Tsuzuku is now offering. 
However this track soon takes away any sense that the darker element has passed and throws us back in with the heavier rhythms before finally leaving us with to get our heads around the juxtaposing melodies of the final guitar composition, that probably would have normally been fit for a solo on it's own, with the final hair raising scream. 
The second track, "-XV-" takes a slightly more creepy turn. With Tsuzuku's vocals sounding for the most part like a demonic exorcism, with a combination of quiet and almost sensual whispers, before shocking our ears with high pitched wails. This track is quite probably the most surreal and challenging one to listen to. The composition fits perfectly with a regular and much more simple beat, slower rhythms and an edgy guitar melody that add to the haunting atmosphere of "-XV-". 
Finally, the third track "RISK:er" takes us on another whirlwind of heavy thrashing guitars and drumming, equally pounding bass lines and other than the odd melodies of the chorus, as we heard with the opening song, we have much more shouting in place of screams or wails. 
Altogether "A Priori" is a fitting single release from the band, each song seems to piece together rather remarkably as if all three lead into one another much like a story would, which makes this not just an interesting release to sink your teeth into but also one that you can admit has been well prepared and executed. 
"A Priori" will be released officially on the 4th of September in three editions in total; Regular, Limited A and Limited B. 
Only the Regular Edition will come with the third track "RISK:er" whilst the two Limited Editions will feature the first two tracks and also a bonus DVD with various footage from their live at Akasaka BLITZ earlier this year. 

7th March 2012
Written by Laura Baron
MEJIBRAY, a band formed by ex-Vanessa vocalist Genki, released their second single Sabato on 7th March. 3 versions were released: one with a PV DVD, another with a DVD containing a short live clip from their live at Takadanobabe AREA and the last edition containing an extra song.
The main song Sabato starts off hard and heavy with fast guitars, hard drumming and a somewhat prominent bass-line. Tsuzuku's vocals differ entirely throughout the song. From heavy growling at the start, to soft whispers throughout and eerie singing in the middle. Each vocal trick compliments the music and adds to the hard rocky edge of the song. MiA's guitar solo is well executed and is perfectly placed halfway through in order to showcase his talent. Koichi's bass-line is sometimes hard to pick out but when his efforts surface he really does shine and shows his contribution to the song.
Bringing together the whole song is Meto's fast-paced drumming. You can almost imagine the effort placed in by him, and all of the members during the recording of this song. Listening to this release will surely bring out images of a heavy concert with loads of movement and plenty of energy - which is essentially what MEJIBRAY is known to bring across in their music.
This is shown not only in Sabato but also in the additional song, Abercock. This fast paced horror-esque song is filled with nothing but heavy pounding music and Tsuzuku's - for a lack of a better term - Donald Duck noises complete this piece of music. It is almost like Sabato's evil twin. Abercock delivers the darkness which Sabato failed to achieve.
Bringing the conclusion to the single is Divergence (found on Version C of Sabato) a more upbeat and lively song. Once again each member of MEJIBRAY are showing us their skills, catering to fans of their less heavier music. This proves that the band have many sides to them, some of which we have yet to see, and which these guys probably wont mind showing us when the time is right!
With their first full album, Emotional [Karma], being released on 02/05/2012, we can guarantee from this single, that it is an anticipated album. Sabato was just a sample of what they can do. All eyes with be on them when this album hits the shops - and they wouldn't want it any other way.