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Blessing Myth
Oath -cross of eternity-
Aurora -destiny of world-
14th February 2012
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Megaromania, one of the newer bands signed to the UNDERCODE label, are set to release their newest single of the year "Cynthia" on the 14th of February.

This single definitely remains true to the innovative style that the band boasts, combining an array of sounds which keeps listeners continuously on edge as to what they are going to release next.
The opening to "Cynthia" begins with a slightly spacey or 'flight' sound that could be mistaken as the theme to an old school video game. This is deceptive however, as soon after the deep and heavy metal influence takes over, with deep guitar riffs (Misery and Chikage) and a fast paced drums beat with added enthusiastic crashing of the cymbals (Yushi).
This again is short lived as Sui enters for the first verse, offering another element to the song, with his pleasant and melodic vocals, which are enhanced dramatically by the accompanying synth which is also a feature of this new track.
As we come into the bridge, we have only Yushi's rolling drum beat and a deep cello to set the way for the guitar solo that is soon to follow. "Cynthia" then takes things to yet another level again as both Misery and Chikage take their turns, giving us something even more immense, with a fast and melodically instrumental equal to that of any arena rock band.
As you listen to this song, you come to realise that if this single had been produced with two extra tracks, an instrumental and a vocals only song, your ears would have two separate sounding songs to contend with. The instrumental would in no way be mistaken for the heavy metal side of Megaromania, but on the other hand if faced with Sui singing this song alone, it would sound something more along the lines of a ballad. To say it like this might make the two combined seem a bit strange, but Megaromania link the softer side of Sui's vocals range with the heavier side from the instruments with perfection. 
Released on the 14th of February, "Cynthia" is the band's valentine’s special single. It comes in just the one edition and just the one song so fans of Megaromania will have to be quick to order as this will not be available for long.
21st December 2011
Blessing Myth
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Opening with the melodious tap of a chime backed with a choir signing continuous notes of a harmony it is made evident right from the start that the new single will represent Megaromania’s softer side, while still containing their typical theatrics and incorporation of classical instruments. The instantaneously atmospheric tone of the song is increased with the addition of an organ. What is also made apparent right from the start is that the release date so close to Christmas seems to have influenced the single; the choice of instruments is distinctively festive and even as the guitars and drums lead us further into the song that ambience is continued. 
Sui’s mellifluous voice complements this style, singing the first lyrics with that same smooth, gentle tone and flowing from verse to chorus seamlessly as the main focus of the song. Continuously backed by the second focus of Chikage and Misery’s complex lyrical guitar work, exuding talented precision even if sounding slightly repetitive in parts and both Hyoga bass and Yushi’s drums is subdued as just a rhythmic undercurrent of ‘Blessing Myth’s’ slower tempo. 
Any repetitiveness is contrasted abruptly as Misery characteristically launches into a guitar solo, impressive and exemplifying that metal genre influence without the shredding and instead of clashing with the ballad atmosphere of the song every drawn out note has a similar tuneful twang that adds to the serene quality of the entire single. 
Only for their to be a break in the track shortly after with those opening classical instruments returning to singularly back up Sui’s vocals with an almost instrumental structure and bringing back that festive atmosphere while slowing the pace down a further notch that prepares you for the end of the song after another bought of chorus.
Additionally ‘Black temptation’, the second track on the single is by far a better representation of Megaromania, depicting more of the various elements the band incorporate into their music, portraying the member’s individual talents with stronger clarity and is overall more engaging as a single should be.
Overall ‘Blessing Myth’ is an easy listening song, not to everyone’s tastes but for those who have an interest in the genre it makes for an unorthodox visual kei addition to any festive playlist this season.
16th March 2011
Oath -cross of eternity-
Written by Keita Eiri-Uesugi
This is Megaromania’s first single release with their new drummer, Yushi in their ranks. 
The guitars (Misery and Chikage) play with a reasonable about technical skill thrown in, a lot of whining, fancy finger work in their solo’s but in places, it’s the backing sounds that seem to shunt the two guitarists out. But when they do play, they play in a clean and pleasing manner, but there is not much definition of a solid riff to remember.
 Newest edition, Yushi, seems to favour his cymbals a lot, somewhat boosting that tiny sound. His pace however is very rapid, coupled alongside Hyoga on bass, who also plays a simplistic and repetitive rhythm throughout. It is these two that keep the rapid speed of the song, yet the synth and guitars seem to slow it. A good mix, but a bit messy no less.
 Vocalist Sui adopts his nasally tone to the track, his notes wavering with short, vibrato/falsetto notes. Funnily enough, he stands out more than the other members. He stays in tune throughout, and seems to be the one who holds the track together.
 “Oath –cross of eternity-“ doesn’t seem to be a very strong release from the five; it seems to have a miss-match of elements and although it sounds good in places, it doesn’t stand out as much as it could.

4th August 2010
Aurora -destinies of world-
Written by Keita Eiri-Uesugi
A band under the prestigious label of "Under Code Productions," Megaromania have released their first single since their triple release on 15th July, 2009. It is their first single without their drummer Leda, whom left the band on 31st March of this year. With a concept of creating mysterious aesthetics, what wonders are we to behold in as we dive into their newest song "AURORA -destinies of world-"?
The track adopts a speed metal sound with a vast array of tricks and skills thrown in at any opportune moment, whether its the bridge from the chorus to verse, or a solo, or anything in between. It literally is a fight for dominance throughout, but both guitarists do get their turns to share the top spot through the duration. It truly is the guitarists that shine through at the utmost in the song.
Sui, the vocalist of the quartet, has a simple charming voice. For this, style of music, his voice works well, although, it is the guitarists that hold the top position in regards to stand out performance. Sui does not seem to utilise his voice much, therefore, his part there in, lacks a little depth, which is a shame really, as the song on a whole, seems to demand dramatics... at least to a degree.
Not to be critical, but it does seem like Megaromania could do with trying something new, or more so, a little different, just to keep things a little more interesting.
Megaromania are a band with many skilled musicians and although lacking a drummer at present, they still perform at their best, however, they do seem to have a lot more to offer. All they need to do is find that key and unlock a whole world of potential for themselves. They are still a young band however, so, anything is possible.