Run Real Run
Written by Rachel Yarwood
May Nakabayashi's, or May'N, newest single "Run Real Run" features a good mixture of rock, pop and dance elements. Whilst the first track, which bears the same name as the single, is more of a fast paced and almost dance like track the second track "Outsider" is more your blend of rock and pop.
"Run Real Run" is definitely the more outstanding of the two tracks on the release. With a fast pace, the melodic contributions of synthesiser and electronic effects, along with the more natural sounds of the drums and guitars combined they give this song a layered but effectively exciting song to listen to. 
May'N's vocals remain strong through out "Run Real Run", perhaps at times sounding just a little too powerful, but with the power of the edgy synthesiser and tremendous rhythm of the beats the vocals are balanced very well. The chorus of this song especially increases in melody in comparison to the stanzas, almost challenging the instrumentation, as May'N seems to give her already charming vocals an extra boost. 
"Outsider" is not as fast paced as "Run Real Run", however it still has a good upbeat tempo courtesy of the rock elements from the drumming and the electric guitars. May'N's vocals also are exquisitely clear and strong showing that she can adapt her voice to meet varying styles, on this single, and for future releases which fans of her music will be only too glad to wait for. 
"Run Real Run" will be released officially on the 8th of May in two editions in total, Regular and Limited.  The Regular Edition will feature the two tracks as mentioned, "Run Real Run" and "Outsider", plus two additional voiceless versions of the songs.  The Limited Edition will feature the same tracks but will come with an additional DVD featuring the accompanying music video to "Run Real Run".