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Otoshiana no Soko wa Konna Sekai

3rd October 2012
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Gloria", from Matenrou Opera, is another single release which has brought together a diverse mix of styles and created something... for lack of a better word... glorious. 
The title track of the same name opens the single with a fast paced, rhythmic and highly melodic piece of music. 
Sono's vocals especially give the impression of this song as a sort of anthem or, as the backing vocals present themselves in the chorus, a hymn. Sono's vibrato is clean and the expression in both the melodies and the lyrics sung by him is really quite impressive that it would be no surprise in the instance of a live performance of "Gloria" that a good amount of emotion will show through from the fans. 
Interestingly "Gloria" has both the hymn feature and the rock feature combined perfectly. For one, we have the gorgeous vocal work from Sono backed by the chorus choir which really helps to express the emotion and the style of the track. Then we have the fast drumming from Yuu and the guitar solos of Anzi's that brings us back down into the heavier rock band element. 

The only thing that perhaps seems a little too perfectly placed is the squeal of the guitar which unfortunately remains a frequent feature in the song. It does boost the whole rock side of the track but then they do sound too crisp and possibly over used. 
The hymn-anthem rock style does not continue for the entirety of the single. Unlike some singles which harbour a certain theme, Matenrou Opera have dished us four tracks that are completely incomparable. 
The track to follow "Gloria", entitled "Psychic Paradise", loses the loveliness of the vocal harmonies that we were introduced to with "Gloria", however the fast beats of the drums is still a factor and the added electronics of Ayame's keyboard keeps the pace and your attention focused. 
"CAMEL", the third track, is probably the most outspoken of the tracks on this single. This song is the most rough with a deep leading bass-line from Yuu, the most pronounced bass-line so far from him, which is followed closely by the guitar and another electronic addition. 
Unlike with "Gloria", if "CAMEL" were to be played live the fans would be emotive and sing along once again, but this one would be the song which will get them jumping and throwing their fists in the air to the beat as well. 
The one style we have not yet come across is the ballad; this has been saved right until the end. 
"Hatsukoi We Eien Ni" opens with a simple yet charming piano melody and Sono's vocals are equally as charming and yet just as powerful, if not more, as he was for the heavier tracks. 
As the song progresses, Yuu enters with a slow tapping beat, Anzi opens with the first of a remarkable series of melodic compositions on guitar, and another backing choir supports Sono for the chorus. Combined we realize that this track is closing the single quite similarly to how it started. 
"Gloria" will be released officially on the third of October and will include four tracks in total; "Gloria", "Psychic Paradise", "CAMEL" and "Hatsukoi Ha Eien Ni". 
19th October 2011
Otoshiana no Soko Wa Konna Sekai
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Matenrou Opera are back once more with a fantastic new release "Otoshiana no Soko wa Konna Sekai". This single comes in just two editions, the regular edition and the limited edition, which has an added DVD featuring their music video.
"Otoshiana no Soko Wa Konna Sekai", the title track and first on the single, begins with this amazing chorus of vocals, a rather gothic and symphonic orchestra of instruments and singing, before taking us in with a heavy mass of sound from the guitars, bass and drums. 
Sono, on vocals, begins the first verse with such beautiful, melodic and emotional singing. The style of this song as a whole has a very heavy metal sense, but at the same time we have the melody of the background orchestra and of course Sono's melodic vocals, which take Matenrou Opera up another level as an innovative band.
The drums by Yuu are clear, resonant and upbeat throughout the entire of this track, however the classical element which features in the background, both compliments and slightly offsets the heaviness that comes through just a little bit.
The second track on this single, "Sleeping Beauty", continues perfectly from the first song. The tempo is just slightly slower than "Otoshiana no Soko Wa Konna Sekai", but it continues with this classical element, which is both beautiful and hair raising to listen to. 
"Diorama Wonderland" is the third and final track on the new single. There is a slight techno undertone that keeps cropping up in the more quieter moments of the song which only contributes to the ever improving and technical improvisations that the band play with to great effect.
Matenrou Opera have done an exceptional job with "Otoshiana no Soko Wa Konna Sekai". This is definitely a new single that you cannot, or will not, want to stop listening to in a hurry.

6th July 2011
Written by Keita Eiri-Uesugi
“Helios” opens with an eerie and ghostly noise echoing in the background, Ayame’s keyboard coming in gently and what can only be described as a theatrical drum-roll full of heavy bass. The technical effect has a dramatic pull, as a chorus throws in backing vocals, creating something that is truly full of theatrics.
Matenrou Opera’s sound is clear and recognisable as soon as the track begins, but it’s in that first verse that Sono’s vocal work sweeps through, his high pitched tone rippling on top of the heaviness of Anzi’s guitar, creating the atmosphere for the track.
The synth grows, orchestra and strings boosting this somewhat dark sounding atmosphere and the lighter chorus breaks through, slow in pace comparison to the track as a whole.
Overall a good release for Matenrou Opera and a good sign for releases to come.
“Helios” comes in three editions: regular edition comes with two tracks, “Helios” and “Adlt Children”, where as limited edition type A comes with “Helios (A prayer to Helios Ver.)”, “Magnolia” and “Kizuna”. Limited edition type B comes with an extra DVD consisting of the “Helios” PV and single, “Helios”.