MUCC - T.R.E.N.D.Y - Paradise from 1997


Run time: 41 minutes, 39 seconds
Number of tracks: 7

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 24th June 2015

D. f D - Dreamer From Darkness 
B. L.U.E ~Tell Me Kafka~ 
Rendez Vous 

MUCC seem to have taken a step back and two leaps forwards with the release of their newest album "TRENDY". Although it is only seven tracks, the length and quality of the new songs certainly make up for it and if anyone attended a show from their recent Europe tour, where MUCC performed a number of their new songs, you will certainly be ready to lay testament to just how good this release is.

So taking a step back MUCC seem to have toned down the experimental (and at times largely disco-type) elements and they have taken leaps forward (excuse the upcoming oxymoron) by presenting us with seven new tracks that favour instead a heavier rock of previous releases around a decade ago (give or take a few years) that reminds many fans of why they started listening to MUCC in the first place. 
Whilst revisiting a bit of the old grit and grind reminiscent of albums such as "Kuchiki no To" or "Gokusai", "TRENDY" still works in a decent amount of programming namely with "Suiren" or "Hater" but this works perfectly around some cracking guitar arrangements and vocals. 

"Surien" was a definite mind-blowing opening to their London show so much so that the room was alive with the excitement and possibly the entire audience joining together with the near rave dancing that ensued. The 'older' style with the 'newer' style both combining in perfect unison.
"Hater" on the other hand brings a different vibe. It's got a heavier feel, with the programming having this robotic sound that continues in the background as the instruments take over and Tatsuro begins with a monotone style to his voice. Satochi's drumming pounds the way through out and even as the chorus opens with more melody, a slightly reggae tone can be heard also, it is subtle against the darker connotations that the rest of the instrumentation brings.

The album's oddment award would have to go to "Rainbow", whilst being a genuinely lovely song to listen to, it does sound weird stuck in the middle of the other tracks and as "Rendez Vous" takes over it's likely you're mind will be taken over by the funk and "feel-good" vibes so much you won't remember the last track you were listening to because you'll be too busy dancing. 

"TRENDY" evokes a 'YES!' in the mind as you listen to track after track. It is more refined, with a clearer definition by ways of style and sound, almost like the older sibling of or even the found paradise after "The End Of The World".
If you are a continuing fan of MUCC, a new fan or an older fan who became a little skeptical , this is one release that you should listen to because there is not much to disappoint you at all.
"TRENDY" will be released digitally on 24th of June or otherwise for the UK it will be released on the 10th of July.