THE MICROHEAD4Ns - A beginning from the end...


Run time: 29 minutes
Number of tracks: 8

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 1st August 2012

A beginning from the end
Hello my clone
Glorious Blaze
I surrender
Monster's Roar
White soul
Konosaki Zutto

Nearly a year after the announcement of their formation, THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S set the date for the release of their first and full length album entitled "A Beginning From The End".
Speculation around what this album would sound like would probably be varied and who could blame you really when you have a line up of esteemed musicians who have previously been in different bands with different genres and separate styles. 

To begin with the first track on the album, "A Beginning From The End", is an instrumental track. Unlike many bands who introduce their new album with an instrumental, THE MICRO HEAD 4N's have opened with a rather lengthy instrumental at close to three minutes long, which if you realise early on and glance at the track time you might almost be tempted to skip this one out. However if you do you would be at a loss. The arrangement is both interesting and edgy, the atmosphere you get with this is either a dance or a rock feel, as the band integrate classical, electro and rock together. 

The mood you get at first is a subtle and charming classical piece but then this quickly changes and the darker mood sets in with a deep guitar rhythm (Shun, Kazuya) which leads perfectly into the second track "Hello My Clone". 

"Hello My Clone" opens rather explosively with a particularly fast drum beat (Tsukasa) and guitar rhythm but as Ricky begins on vocals the pace slows just slightly, the instruments seemingly levelling out which invites the bass (Zero) to come through much clearer. 
Ricky's vocals offer a lot of the melody for this track, especially as the classical effects that are also present do not appear very strong amongst the heavier aspects of the track. His vocals compliment both the rock and the less heavier elements at the same time which become even more apparent as the album progresses. 

The background of piano and violins which although it is a nice contribution does not come over as powerful as it should do, as the sound near enough is lost underneath everything else, but as the violin returns before the final chorus it gets its own spotlight and in fact compliments the track very well without sounding like a peculiarity.

"Hello My Clone" ends just as it began, with the rapid guitar and beat of the drums, taking us in to the third track brilliantly as "Glorious Blaze" too opens energetically with another burst of aggressive beats from Tsukasa which promises another good rock track. 

"Photograph" which follows then takes us in a different direction. You can tell from the introductory guitar melody and the opening vocals that this song is going to be less heavier but there is still an upbeat tempo from the drums.  In particular the chorus has a pleasant energy about it, lively and bouncy, with a particularly prominent bass composition and beautiful vocal work.

This switch to the more airy and upbeat sound almost feels, as the next track begins, as though it was trying to break us in gently for the next transformation of genre. You could go either way with "I Surrender"; you could instantly like this track or not as it is arguably the most independent of all of the tracks on the album. 

As this one begins it invokes the thought of perhaps a dance track as a 'club-esque' atmosphere from the backing electro instrumentation is strong against the band at first, a little sultry perhaps but a really good lift to the middle of the album, that not only shows the diverse capability but a courage of adding something extra to the mix.
There is a short burst of guitar and bass that follows but this dies down again as the vocals enter, not to return fully again until the chorus. There is however some interesting guitar solo work which breaks through the consistency of the track, offering another level of interesting sounds as the first half experiments with the electro side of things (an edgy melodic working of the scale) before the second half brings us a fairly 'normal' rock sounding solo piece. 
Most notable with "I Surrender" is Zero's bass line, a lovely deep and constant rhythm which remains through out the track like a pulsating heart beat which is altogether a fantastic contribution to the song.
"Monster's Roar", the sixth track, takes us right back into the depth of the heavier element of this album. Opening with (presumably) a lion's roar, the pace quickens again and we have a medley of heavy rock, a bit of MC and of course uplifting melodies as well. 
This track, of all the full length tracks on "A Beginning From The End", will probably be the highlight of a live show as this one is energetic, catchy and the drumming from Tsukasa is most incredible to listen to which will more than likely work a crowd into a frenzy. 
The final two tracks, "White Soul" and "Konosaki Zutto..." bring the album to a well rounded finish. 
"White Soul" is a lot like "Photograph" in the melody and upbeat sense but with this track you can hear the rhythm and lead guitars perfectly, separately, and the bass lines underneath.
"Konosaki Zutto" on the other hand is much more pleasant. There are some extra acoustic parts which haven't been used in the album up until now which really adds to the refreshing tone of this song.
Ricky's opening vocals near threaten a slower track as they are smooth, mid tempo, clear and lovely to listen to but as the chorus takes hold the tempo increases and the track becomes just as enthusiastic as the others.
Altogether "Konosaki Zutto..." gives the impression of a positive attitude and a certain hope for the future and as the final four beats of the drum sound, the album is abruptly drawn to a close. 
Even though there are only eight tracks in total, "A Beginning From The End" is a exceptional debut album from THE MICRO HEAD 4N's, an album well worth the listen to which will will leave you both impressed and wanting more. 

"A Beginning From The End" will be released officially on the 1st of August and will come in two editions in total, Regular and Limited. 

The Regular and the Limited Editions will feature the same eight tracks but the Limited Edition will come with an additional DVD featuring the music video for "Hello My Clone".