Lycaon - Camera Obscura


Run time: 52 minutes 54 seconds
Number of tracks: 18

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 4th February 2015

Camera Obscura -SE-
Dark Night
anshitsu -SE-
kimi wo kowasu garasu no shoudou
kuchiduke -SE-
baka ne
baita -SE-
akujo no hohoemi
edroll -SE-

"Camera Obscura" is the opening instrumental to Lycaon's newest album and if you are even the slightest bit jumpy (or afraid of clowns) then you might want to skip over this one. 
The album opens with a circus of horrors theme with an edgy few seconds of a music box followed by unnerving laughter before gripping your senses even further with a slow paced Gothic industrial grind. 

As the album opens fully the pace quickens and the tone becomes increasingly heavier and darker in quality along with the fantastic vocal range that Yuuki brings to each track. 
"Liar" especially touches on the alternative, electronic, influences which gives a different buzz very early on in the album. There is an element to this track that would make you want to dance one minute and rock out the next, but whichever direction you choose there is no doubting that this song is fun to listen to and will be even more so if ever seen in a live environment... especially with the gracious guitar solo, one of many on "Camera Obscura", that will make even the most hardened fan admire. 

"marionnette", the next full length track after the second instrumental takes us right back into this Gothic and almost funereal tone that envelopes us in this darkened vision of something sad or terrible. This track stands out at this point, poignant and disturbing as it is in it's simplicity, and it will be one that will be hard to forget. 
The third 'part' of the album takes another different route. Forgetting the sombre nature of the last couple of songs, "Rouge" now sounds like a celebration of sorts with jazzed up piano, melodic guitar (plus another fantastic guitar solo) and a great rhythm from drummer Ichirou. 
If you hadn't already realised, "Camera Obscura" is a whirlwind of a release that takes you on a roller-coaster of your senses and continues to entertain track after track with a combination of styles and genres to develop this album's story in just under and hour. It is glorious by all accounts. 

We return again to the dark and visual part of Lycaon's material for the fourth and final part of the album. "akujo no hohoemi" retains some of that jazz quality in Yuuki's melodic vocals but there is a heavier quality to this track, with a tremendous bass line from Hiyuu, grinding guitar rhythms and additional whip cracking sounds, that sets it aside from what you have already heard.

"ILLUSION" takes us even further, as if we couldn't go any further, into this exciting circus of a ride. It is upbeat and deliciously sensual, altogether a track full of thrills, that will make you want to jump straight in again for another hit and no-one will blame you. 

"Camera Obscura" will be released on the 4th of February and it will come in two editions, a regular and a limited edition.