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The End of the Dream/Rouge
The One-crash to create-

28th August 2013
Written by Rachel Yarwood
As a whole, "Thoughts" proves that this esteemed rock band, even after such a long time away from activities as Luna Sea, still have what it takes to impress their fans and continue making further progress on the already great impact they have made for the music scene in Japan. 
"Thoughts" is an upbeat new track from the band, perhaps not as aggressive in sound as their last single release "The End Of The Dream", but there is a wonderful heavy rock feel to this new song. With a catchy beat from Shinya's drums and remarkable instrumentation from the strings, J's prominent bass lines and the guitar compositions from both Sugizo and Inoran, you cannot help but feel reminiscent of their previous years and yet Luna Sea are also bringing a fresh and new sound as well which is both pleasing and exciting. 
At the same time Ryuichi's vocal work is unfaltering, clear and resonant against the heavier tones of the guitar work and the drumming. 
The guitar solo is simply thrilling, which will definitely get any Luna Sea fan's pulses racing listening to it, shredding notes of pure exhilaration before cutting dead and revisiting the chorus for the last time, and as it ends you are left simply with a longing for more.
More is what you get. "Lost World", the b-side, is slightly more down tempo with additional piano but there is no loss of those wonderful guitar compositions and of course, with the more elegant style of the song, Ryuichi ticks all the right boxes with his equally emotional and beautiful vocals. 
"Thoughts" will be released officially on the 28th of August in three editions; Regular, Limited Edition A and Limited Edition B. 
The Regular Edition will feature two tracks "Thoughts" and "Lost World". 
The Limited Edition A will feature the same two tracks and will also come with an additional Blu Ray DVD featuring the music video for "Thoughts". 
Finally, the Limited Edition B features the same material as the 'A' Edition however the DVD will be standard and not Blu Ray.
12th December 2012
The End of the Dream/Rouge

Written by Rachel Yarwood

If the news of Luna Sea's first single in twelve years, "The One - Crash to Create", did not excite you enough then this second single is quite probably going to blow your minds. 
From the very beginning you can hear the old Luna Sea in there somewhere, with the distinctive voice of Ryuichi and J's prominent bass lines to name just two aspects, but this new single is almost like the band have also reinvented themselves as well. 
It certainly is like stepping back in time, to the late nineties and early noughties before they went separate ways, and yet at the same time this new sound is fresher, both heavier and melodic as if old school rock is kicking back with new and shinier pair of boots. 
"The End Of The Dream" starts us off with a deep and thundering pound of the drums (Shinya) together with the resonating rhythm of J's bass. This is followed closely by a catchy and upbeat, true rock element, melody and rhythm from the two guitarists Sugizo and Inoran. 
Ryuichi's vocals are strong and clear and you really have to remind yourself on how long it has been since these guys worked together because it sounds as if there has been no other change apart from the more aggressive quality of sound on this release. 
"The End Of The Dream" does not falter once in any way unless you count that there is no guitar solo, but other than that, this track remains consistent with a fast tempo and catchy chorus. Altogether being a good solid rock song to start the single off with. 
"Rouge" is a lot more catchy and upbeat, in terms of the drums and melodies, than it's counterpart and there is a lot more focus on the guitar work especially from Sugizo. 
The compositions are interesting and certainly, once you forget the initial awe of having a brand new single from this band, you will notice how this track keeps you more attentive than "The End Of The Dream" does. You will definitely appreciate that Sugizo's trademark guitar squeals make a comeback amongst the steady but rougher underlying rhythms from Inoran's guitar, which keep a complimenting and continual heavier aspect to the song and to the single as a whole.
"Rouge" ends with a few final beats from Shinya, more or less like how the single first began, and it is over for this year at least.
"The End Of The Dream" will be released officially on the 12th of December and will come in four editions in total; Regular and Limited Editions Type A, B and C. The Regular Edition will feature the two tracks as mentioned. The Limited Edition A will feature both tracks plus a bonus blu-ray DVD with the music videos for both tracks. The Limited Edition B will feature both tracks plus a bonus DVD with the music video for "The End Of The Dream", and Limited Edition C will feature both tracks with the bonus DVD featuring the music video for "Rouge". 

21st March 2012
The One-crash to create-
Written by Rachel Yarwood
The news that Luna Sea were releasing material again sparked interest among their fans. 
"The One ~ Crash to Create" certainly makes up for all the years that the band has been focusing on their solo projects with just the length of the track alone, totalling in an impressive twenty three minutes. 
The song starts us off with a strong entrance from Sugizo and Inoran on guitar, captivating us with a dramatic and arena rock type sound, enhanced even further by the introduction of Shinya's rolling drum beat and the ever steady rhythm from J on bass. This anthem type melody carries us for near enough two and a half minutes before our ears are awakened once more by the introduction of vocals from Ryuichi. 
Ryuichi's vocals are as impeccable and full to the brim of emotion as you would hear listening to any other of Luna Sea's tracks. His vocal ability was amazing when Luna Sea were at their prime, and they are just the same now, complimenting the anthem element that this song is boasting completely. 
There is then a perfect change of tempo for what seems like a follow on, or second part, of the track. We now are hearing something all too familiar with "The One ~ Crash To Create". There are definitely some familiar influences from the band's previous releases, and not  in a negative way either, but rather it maintains Luna Sea's essence and reminds the listener of just how charismatic and influential they have been and will continue to be. 
As the song progresses, the steady rhythm changes once again, becoming more downbeat and serene in sound. A melody of sounds from Sugizo's violin enters, the first of a few in the latter part of the song, which send shivers down the spine. There is no come-back single without Sugizo's trademark violin piece, and together with the piano notes that also feature, they present a perfect and befitting contrast to the previous rock element for the bridge of the song. 
Shinya then leads us back in with a strong drum rhythm once more, advancing progressively, creating a dramatic climax whilst also suggesting that the song is coming to its end. 
There is no doubt that "The One ~ Crash To Create" is a masterpiece in its own right. This new single takes us on a musical journey with it's fresh creativity, rather similar to X-Japan's "Art Of Life", whilst also remaining true to their roots.
The more avid Luna Sea fans, or rather those with the very deep wallets, may feel their pockets and bags weighing a lot less depending on which edition of this single is bought. 
There are four editions in total; the Regular Edition, the HQCD (High Quality) Edition, the SACD Hybrid (surround sound) Edition, and the rather expensive Limited Edition with CD + SACD + HQCD plus bonus DVD footage.