Nana Kitade with LOVELESS

Special thanks to Laura Baron, and translator Stephen for their help with the interview, also thank you to Flavia of Blast Radio for help with the translator!

How has the tour been and what are the best memories you have so far?

Nana: It is very fun and interesting to visit countries we have never been to before, and to see our fans in these different countries.

Taizo:  Everyday has been a good memory. Doing the shows and the whole tour, day in and day out the routine is great. I love it.


It has been five days since your last performance, how have you spent your time off?

Nana: In Morocco we did some sightseeing, we were able to relax and walk around famous Mosques. Then from France we got the Ferry over to England and we were able to watch the Royal Wedding on the TV.  Also! While on the ferry we fed the birds that flew around, the seagulls.


How do you feel having your show on the same day is the Royal Wedding?

Taizo: We planned it...because we are...Loveless...


Where do you get your main fashion inspirations?

Nana: I got my inspiration from looking at different pictures, films and reading old books. From all of these I took parts of what I had seen and formed my own image from my imagination.


How has your style changed being in Loveless from your solo career?

Nana: As a solo artist, I had to do everything myself. So now I have the backing musically it has changed everything a lot from how it used to be and I have been able to create my own style now with my guitarist.


Has there been any musical influence from the UK?

Taizo: We mainly have found inspiration from American artists, there are so many so this makes it difficult to choose which ones.

Nana: We got our inspiration from our fashion and clothes mostly from British artists and the fashion styles in Britain.


Its has been a long tour so far, has anything gone wrong?

Nana: When I was playing in Morocco my favourite pink Kitty bottle was taken...I put it down and it was stolen...Also when I was in the plane over to Morocco my Violin was shaken up very badly. And my favourite Vivienne Westwood bag was ruined.

Taizo: I want to have a big failure...I will try to do a very big mistake one day and it shall be called "The Freedom of Amsterdam Mistake Challenge" This is a secret secret...until now!


For your solo career, a lot of your songs were featured in Animes. Did you write these specifically for the anime? Or did they choose from songs you had already written?

Nana: When an anime wishes to use a song, they already know my style and know what to expect so they pick from a list of songs I have already written to find which is best for that anime.


Finally do you both have a message for the UK?

Nana: I am really happy to be doing a concert in the UK, I love English artists and I am so happy that Loveless can be a part of the history of artists playing in Britain. I want all of the UK to know and love the music of Loveless.

Taizo: Next time we come to UK I want everyone to come to our show again, and bring all your family and all your friends with you next time!