10th March 2014


Can you tell us how LOKA was formed?
LOKA was first started by singer Kihiro as a solo band. During the first production, KEN'ICHI decided to join and became a two piece band, vocalist and drummer only. During the first year, they released 2 CD's and toured with support guitarist and bassist. In 2013, they meet Katsumi(Bass) and SIN(Guitar). After several shows they both joined the band and formally became a 4 piece band in August 2013.

How did the name come about?
LOKA means "The World" in san script language. Kihiro decided to name this since his visions as a band were and still pointed to the world. The goal is the for the band to become a World Class band, constantly releasing and touring all over and not just Japan. 

Can each of you sum up your music in one word?

Do you have any plans for upcoming releases or tours this year?
We have another Europe tour coming this summer 2014. We are also planning to release a new album. We are very excited about the album since it will be the first album after the band became 4 piece. We think we will be able to show another new side of LOKA from the album.

How were your shows in Europe last year?
It was totally CRAZY. It was our first time, we played most shows one-man and still we had sooooo much people come to see us. We were very happy and proud that our sound reached the rock fans in EU.

Do you have a favourite country that you visited?
Since we did stay in Belgium the most, we really like it there. Playing Japan Expo was in Belgium also, so we had a great crowd response. 

Which country gave you the best crowd?
We gotta say, despite the long stay in Belgium, Vienna/Austria & Cologne/Germany crowd was GREAT! Such warm hearted and supportive fans were there, and we look forward going back. 

Do you have a favorite musician or band at the moment?
Kihiro: Boom Boom Satellites 
KEN'ICHI: Vile Laihiala
Katsumi: Sid Vicious
SIN: Yngwie.J.malmsteen

What or who is your biggest inspiration for your music?
life, friends, love and different cities we go

What was the first job each of you had?
Kihiro: rehearsal studio
Katsumi: bartender
SIN: System Engineer 

What is the first thing you think of when you think of the UK?
Princess Diana, UK Metal, UK Rock, Soccer Premiere League

Finally a message to you fans in the UK...
Make crazy loud noise for us so we can have the chance to show you what we got. Not just through the speakers and screens on your PC, but LIVE!!!
We look forward to play in UK one day!!!