Kirin Works caught up with LITE after their show in Manchester..

Please introduce yourself and the part you play in the band...

I am Nobuyuki, play guitar in the band, but together we all join to create the band and we are all equal in our parts that we play.



What reception have you had so far from the British audience?...did you have any concerns or fears about the Western audience?

Our audience here is the same as it is in Japan, Tokyo especially. People come to hear our music knowing what we are about and do not care that we are instrumental, music is music.



How are you enjoying this current tour, are you looking forward to any particular show?

We never get bored, we get to play all over the world and England is where I find my music scene and we are really happy to be back here.



If you had the chance, which musician would you most like to perform\collaborate with?

We would love to take part in a "Battle of the Bands", this way we can meet and perform with lots of different people from all over.



If you could make a change, any change, to your life or how you go about your musical career, what would it be?

If I wasn't in a band, I would be a producer for a band and help them create songs and make more money in what they do.



What has been your biggest challenge as a band so far and how did you overcome that challenge?

Our biggest challenge was to put a synthesiser into our four piece. We got a little bored of just the four of us and found we could do more with a synthesiser included.



What advice would you give for budding musicians\bands who are starting out?

Music is easy to make, but to make music to someones taste is hard. Never miss out on a chance no matter who the audience, you can get a lot of information from shows and meeting audiences reactions.



Can you briefly describe your music making process? I.e do you have a certain way of writing\producing your music or is it spontaneous, write as you are inspired?

We always begin by jamming together or on our own, eventually we find we have created something we enjoy, we always stay open minded when together.



How has your music evolved since you first began playing your music together?

When we first began we got a little bored with just post-rock. We wanted to be individual, our music never changes but our method in creating it has changed and refreshed all the time, especially since we brought in a synthesiser.



What's your ultimate direction as a band? What are you seeking for the future?

We wish to perform all over the world, Asia, Europe...Russia...everywhere.



Final message for fans?

Please be free for our music, people from inside our fanbase can bring people from the outside and let them be free in their experiance. Thank you for your support.