Lillies and Remains

Welcome to the UK! Can you give us a quick introduction to Lillies and Remains?

(*Bassist Minoru turns on his phone, starting to play music from it that continues throughout- causing much laughter)

Kent: I'm Kent, I'm the vocalist and the main member. I also play guitar...But Lillies and the Remains is a way to express myself.

Bassist Minoru: *In English* Rife.

KW: Rice?!

Minoru: LIFE!!! And Rice...

Guitarist Kazuya: Lillies and Remains is a challenge to me. I've never been able to express myself before, and this helps me.

Drummer Kosuke: Its a gathering of friends. A 'comfortable' gathering of friends.


How would you guys say the fans in England compare to the ones in Japan?

Kent: I would say, its the same kind of music, but just on different levels. That is the biggest difference. The music in Japan is on a much lower level than that in England.


So what UK music have you heard recently that you liked?

Kent: Kings of Leon- they are high in the charts here, but not in Japan. Its better quality. But they aren't English are they? ...nevermind.


Do you prefer to tour and meet new people, or to spend lots of time onstage?

All: Touring and going around travelling the world.


Most bands from Japan that travel to the UK usually come through Germany and France beforehand, how come you guys came straight to England?

Kent: Germany and France seem to want more Visual Kei bands. The Visual Kei bands go there because there is a market for them there, it is like Japan Mania there.


So you see the UK as a Metal/ Rock market?

Minoru: We don't hear of many bands coming to the UK, its a different genre in this country that people like. Bands like Polysics are the ones that we hear going to the UK.


Kent: I would like to ask you girls a question...

KW: Oh??? (*Lillies and Remains laugh as the KW team look nervous!)

What bands besides Japanese ones do you listen to? You can't listen to Japanese music all the time!

KW's Elizabeth: Uhhh... Rolling Stones? Misfits?

All: Misfits?!!! Ahhhhh!! Cool!

Minoru: Danzig?!

Elizabeth: Yeah! Uhmm...

KW's Lorna: Slipknot... (*To which all band members look shocked)

Elizabeth: We don't look like we listen to bands like Linkin Park, KoRn and Slipknot?

All: No!!! Shocking!


So, Back to you guys! What are your plans for now?

Kent: We will have a new release in June... and then we have a tour in Japan.


Do any of you have any other projects that you like to do outside of Lillies and Remains?

Kazuya: I have another band, called 'Terror Familia'. We have the two members on drums and guitar and then a female vocalist. Check out the Myspace coming soon!


What do you think of what you've seen of the UK so far?

Minoru: Very nice.

Kent: The audience are very straight forward, and very direct in what they like and want.


What are your plans whilst you're staying here in the UK for a few days?

Kent: To watch the England VS Mexico match.

Minoru: Drunk.

Kent: The score will be 2-1. Oh also you said England Vs Japan?

KW: Yeah! Which we'll win?

Kent: I predict Japan will give a good defence, then right at the end of the game, there will be a free kick which will score. Then it will be a win. But I'm not saying for who...


When do you think you'll return to the UK?

Kent: Maybe next year, we're always checking out music on Youtube and in NME.


And please can you give us a final message?

Kent: We're going to keep working hard to get a UK label release.