Lamia Cross

Hilton Metropole
2nd April 2011
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Photography by Lorna Ransome

Large rooms at conventions, especially for conventions such as KitaCon, are ideal when you take into consideration the hundreds of people due to be roaming about the Hilton Metropole this weekend.

However, the previously full events hall which held the "Masquerade" just before Lamia Cross was due to play, soon emptied and not surprisingly did not fill to the same capacity as it had been.

Only a handful of people sitting on the carpet outside the hall looked as if they were actually waiting to see Lamia Cross, and as far as the rest of the small crowd that gathered to watch them perform (out of what seemed curiosity or a good opportunity to test their dancing abilities), the turn out was less than impressive. For an onlooker this was nerve racking enough.

On the other hand, the entrance of Lamia Cross gave no hint of any disappointment, perhaps as Lamia came to say during their set, that this is their debut in the UK... you have to start off somewhere and with a big network that the anime and manga world boasts, this would seem like a good place to start as any. Taking to the stage not long after eight in the evening, if you were able to turn a blind eye to the shortage of people in the hall and simply watch the two including their backing vocalist, you would almost believe that they were about to perform for a mass of fans.

If you are one who is not apt to patience, then the attempted announcements between each song by Lamia would probably have you tearing at your hair by the third song. It was a good gesture of Lamia to share with the onlookers an insight into each song's meaning, but the broken English made it near impossible to truly understand just what was trying to be said.

Lamia’s vocals were of exceptional quality; she really seems to put a lot of passion into her music and you really feel this through the way she expresses herself onstage. Her voice is impeccable, complimenting the different styles of the music… the heavy, the electro and also the dance side of their music.

However, one thing that can be picked up from this show here at the Hilton Metropole is the actual lack of dance. Sure enough, Lamia was trying to encourage those here this evening to dance along to their songs, and for the few who unashamedly did around the side lines of where the main group of people stood watching, it was a sight to behold… but for the actual artist herself… the dancing was more strolling up and down the stage, until perhaps when they treated their audience to an older song, "Yamazakura", from their second album of the same title. Lamia brought out her fan and gave a dance with style, one which she specifically performs to this song wherever the band is playing.

One of the more memorable songs of the evening, and if not the only song that the audience proved most receptive, was shamefully or not their own rendition of "Lady Marmalade". Fab, the guitarist of Lamia Cross tried to assure everyone that although the name was the same, the song was not the same as the original (by the seventies girl group Labelle), but as soon as the song began it was more than obvious that this was exactly the same song, word for word. The only thing that could be said to make this any less like the original was that this rendition had heavier rock influences than soul and pop.

On the other hand, Lamia Cross performed exceptionally well this evening, giving us a taste of their music from their last three albums, including their newest entitled "Evil Geisha Rock".

It just seems an actual shame that for the music they presented the audience with, for their first show here in the UK, the reception they received was not all that it could have been. Especially when you take a peek at how well they have been performing in our neighbouring countries, it would be a surprise to hear whether or not Lamia Cross will make the effort to play KitaCon again.