LM.C B-Side BEST!!


Run time: 67 minutes, 31 seconds
Number of tracks: 17

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 28th June 2013

2.  @Funny Phantom@
3.  mR. century
4.  Haunted House make a Secret
5.  marble-s
6.  maple leaf
7.  Tiny Circus
8.  …with VAMPIRE
9.  DAYS
10.  ningyo no namida
11.  A Blueberry Night
13.  Bad Spider
14.  Shibuya Cantabile
15.  Rock the LM.C by THE MAD LM.C
16.  No Fun. No Future. by THE MAD LM.C
17.  MAD or DIE by THE MAD LM.C 

Going back a couple of years LM.C released their "Best the LM.C 2006-2011 Singles". Now, in 2013, we have another edition but this time it is a compilation album of their best B-Side tracks. 
"B-Side BEST!!" consists of B-Side tracks from their single releases ranging from 2006 to the present, from debut single "Trailers" to "Ghost Heart" to "Super Duper Galaxy" and so on. 

This album, for many existing fans, really does not require a lot of imagination to come up with what will be featured but the excitement that will surround the release would be that you can add to your collection those tracks that you have possibly missed due to choosing one single over another. LM.C have grabbed the opportunity to solve any of that past turmoil of missing that extra bonus track as they have wittingly plucked them out and arranged them onto one CD. Great stuff!
Also, this seventeen-track album features not only LM.C tracks but tracks from their alter ego group, "THE MAD LM.C", as well. There really is no chance of escaping the witty and at times oddly surreal, musical attributes that Maya and Aiji have become known for. 

As you listen to the album it becomes difficult to choose which of the tracks will be your highlight but early on the familiar cheeky, weird and at times crazy vocals and melodies of "@Funny Phantom@" and "Haunted House Makes A Secret" has got to earn some definite brownie points. 
Also featured are the more pop based and serene sounding tracks like "marble-s" and "Tiny Circus" that offer an upbeat yet charming break between the quirky opening of this album and what is soon to follow. 
As "... with VAMPIRE" opens, the sound changes again and hits us with a funky, dance-like tone with heavier beats, faster lyrics, and a slightly Hispanic style from Aiji on guitar. Plus some steel drums added to the equation and you will really have a hard time not moving your body along to the melody and rhythms of this song. 

As we reach the latter end of the album, we have "Bad Spider" one track that offers another alternative sound. Instead of the interestingly creepy elements that LM.C played with during their earlier years, with steadier vocals, additional electronica and quirky guitar solo's, this B-Side gives us a heavier sound and quality. There are faster riffs and harsher vocal work but by no means any less exciting than what we have heard on this album as a whole. 
"B-Side BEST!!" is a damn good promotion for either new or existing fans. It is, more or less, the same as any 'best of' album as the band have compacted a range of songs from the very beginning to the very present. LM.C are showcasing their material from a number of years, which will effectively and potentially please a range of people. 

The collaboration of both LM.C and THE MAD LM.C material from across the many years that Maya and Aiji have spent making music together have created something that has been pieced together very well and is seriously an album that is needed in your LM.C collection. 
"B-Side BEST!!" will be released officially in Europe on the 28th of June.