Double Dragon
Written by Rachel Yarwood
The opening seconds of "Double Dragon" hook you in with its fast beat and the addictive melody of Aiji's guitar composition. 
From the very beginning this new addition from the visual duo instantly gets your body moving along to the energetic rhythm and as Maya opens on vocals, this does not fade out but rather the energy continues and holds your attention firmly until the very end making this a good strong release from LM.C
Maya is both clear and melodic using his vocal range very well in this track, by keeping in touch with, and complimenting the pop rock style. He also switches expertly between singing and the occasional slight rap which gives the vocals of "Double Dragon" that extra bit of kick that keeps their material interesting. 
Aiji uses a simple guitar melody that rarely changes through the song. However, when the rhythm or the melody of the guitar does change, you really do notice these moments in the track which are rather quirky. There is notably a build up before the last chorus, with a good shredding rhythm, and also a couple of fitting riffs here and there too but no solo from him this time.
The second track on this release is a remix version of their 'anthem' rock song "Rock the LM.C". 
The title of it is "Rock the LM.C - Run LM.C". Looking at the song title alone it would be suggestive that they might be trying to introduce a bit of 80's disco-dance into the mix (think Run D.M.C who began in the early 80's) and then when the track actual begins you can pick out certain moments where you would say that this is probably what they have tried to do here.
It is overall an interesting remix on the original and pretty decent as well when you consider that some remix versions of a well known and arguably well loved song can be quite atrocious. 
"Double Dragon" will be released officially on the 28th of November and will come in two editions in total, Regular and Limited.
The Regular Edition will feature two songs, "Double Dragon" and "Rock the LM.C - Run LM.C", where the Limited Edition will feature the same songs plus a bonus DVD with the accompanying music video to "Double Dragon".

Hoshi no Arika
Written by Rachel Yarwood
LM.C are back with another new single release to rock their fan base with. Officially out on sale as of the 27th July, "Hoshi no Arika" comes in four different versions, the regular version (featuring "Hoshi no Arika" and "MAD or DIE") and three limited edition versions (Type A, B and C).
For the first and title track, "Hoshi no Arika", LM.C are definitely on top form. Straight away you are hit with everything that you would expect from the band, from the upbeat tempo, the electro, to the melody of Maya's vocals and the catchiness of the lyrics.
Maya's vocals are in superb condition for this song. With a boyish likeability, he adapts his voice for each part, switching effortlessly between the pop and the rock styles with equal competence.
On the other hand, Aiji's guitar seems to be just a little overpowered by the combination of electro and the near constant clash of the drum's cymbals.
Overall, "Hoshi no Arika" is one of those 'in-your-face' type songs that is sure to wake even the deepest of sleepers with it's tremendously upbeat, melodic, and fun sounding spirit that lasts from start to finish.
The second track, "MAD or DIE" is something on the other end of the spectrum completely. This song is more of a rock-based song.
There is less of the electro-rock, the colourful pop element is nearly non existent, and in it's place is a track that is just a slight bit less upbeat but still with a decent rhythm to get your shoulders moving and your head nodding along.
Maya combines English and Japanese lyrics cleverly with this song, and his vocals altogether are perhaps more of a 'mature' style, certainly more so than with "Hoshi no Arika".
Another bonus with "MAD or DIE" is that, unlike with the first track, you cannot mistake the guitar. Aiji's skills here are clearly defined and you have no trouble what so-ever hearing him distinctly through out the song.
"Hoshi no Arika" is a great new release, not just for their long standing fans, but also for any new fans out there.
Not only does this single have elements of the more visual side of LM.C, but this also has a more laid back side of LM.C, which combined gives a really insightful introduction to the duo and another job well done in the eyes of their existing fans.
Written by Keita-Eiri Uesugi
LM.C, which is the shortened version of Lovely Mocochang, release their 11th single since they formed in 2006. An enigmatic duo with an upbeat rock and electric pop sound, the duo in-fact brand themselves “new century electrock” always please their fans in the most bright and exciting of ways.
“SUPER DUPER GALAXY” is being released both digitally and in three editions; originally set for release on March 30th, what with the earthquakes in Japan, they changed the release date to 18th May instead.
Starting with an almost fun and Halloween like electro sound that creeps through the whole track, as if like a circus, a droning bass hums in low in the background, a grand mixture of different electro sounds flying around, giving you LM.C’s renowned sound. The beat is catchy and very funky… and highly addictive.
Aiji’s guitars merges into the backing electro, making it almost inaudible, but when verse vocals are brought into the works, you can hear his punky sounding strumming rocking the background. His guitar solo is somewhat edgy, bearing a raw grind and not slowing the tracks over-all flow down as it blends so well into the mix.
With the tempo rocking out literally all over the place, Maya’s vocal is what stands out the most between the duo. He raps in places, which again slams in the punk essence again, and to contrast, his happy, flighty voice sings the chorus in a fun and exciting way. His voice is reverberated in some places, creating a space like sound and his held notes sound somewhat cute and cheerful.
The pace of the song does not end until the track literally ends, not slowing, not dying out, not fading, the bass pounding and electro sounds keeping the rhythm addictive until the final beat.
“SUPER DUPER GALAXY” is brilliant as a release. Catchy, funky, and a great pick-me up that will brighten your day, it’s not a far off assumption to say that LM.C fans are pleased once more with this release.

Let Me Crazy!!
Written by Keita-Eiri Uesugi
Enigmatic duo Maya and Aiji round up their “New Century Electrock” in their new release of “LET ME’ CRAZY!!” Due for release on the 27th October. With Maya’s cheerful sounding vocal work and the electronic synth laced from the beginning to the end of their songs, we can only expect that this release is the same as those prior to it.
Within the first few seconds there already seems to be a difference from their previous releases. With an almost mature guitar intro that seems a lot darker then LM.C fans might be used to. Leading into smooth vocals with a steady bass sound in the background. It definitely is catchy to say the least. With a somewhat space age sounding odyssey twist.
Aiji’s guitar is played with emphasis in true rock style. It’s safe to say that he does significantly seem to drown out the opening synth, which also enhances Maya’s vocal work.
Maya’s vocals are as distinguishable as ever, and in a sense, the opening of the song seems to give a mature sound to his voice, although this wavers throughout. His voice is interesting to say the least, with a happy tone accompanying a heavier sounding song. You can feel an abundant energy in the way he bounces those choruses from his lips however, all in all, the balance of music to vocals is successful.
Instantly, when first listening to the track, it definitely beings to be a release you can’t really be disappointed with: to those fans of very dark and visual music, this could be classed as a breath of fresh air to the listener! It’s a song of many plus points.
So, this seems to be a pretty funky release and a strong one to boot. With another single on the cards already announced for 2011, let’s keep an eye out to see what they can surprise us with next time round!