LM.C Strong Pop


Run time: 49 minutes
Number of tracks: 13

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 4th April 2012

2. Ah Hah!
6. Goak-On-SOUL
7. We are LM.C!!~The Anthem of Strong Pop~
9. COMBATmode
10. peekaboo

LM.C's "Strong Pop" album, released officially on the 4th of April is a fluid and superb new album sure to impress their fans worldwide. With a generous 13 songs, the duo Maya and Aiji, have delivered another medly of tracks which will suit the tastes of both long standing and new listeners with their energetic, fun and unique style. 

Starting with an opening instrumental, entitled "Be Strong, Be Pop", the pair have opened this album with an electronic and dance track certain to get your attention and your body riveting in your seat. 

This is followed excellently by "Ah Hah!" which not only continues with the lively and slightly oshare kei sound, but the lyrics also reference to the opening vocals you hear in the instrumental, ("Be Strong... Be Pop..."), both key elements which suggests that this album's direction is set to continue in this pattern.

Another feature that you will pick up on as the album progresses is the use of this classic 'video game' sound, and especially relating to the next two songs, they do not disappoint with this factor. 
For "Baby Talk", the song takes a slightly different turn as Maya experiments with some slight distorted, vocaloid type, vocals. There is not much melody here and the pace remains consistently steady more or less through out, however, for the instrumental this matter of melody is overidden as the cute synthy technique which is reminiscent of the video games of old, comes into light. 

One of LM.C's ealier singles of this year, "Super Duper Galaxy", is seemingly the perfect tag along after "Baby Talk". Keeping with that video game style with the opening composition, this songs' tempo does drop a little in comparison to what we have already heard, but now we also have a good strong, deep rhythm from the bass as well offering a bit more of a rock influence.

As we reach the half way mark of the album we have "We Are LM.C - The Anthem Of Strong Pop". It is not surprising that there is another instrumental type track in there to break things up a little, but what is slightly surprising is the actual difference in sound that this track gives the album. 

Up until now we have had the oshare, the electro, rock and pop. Every song has been followed one after the other with some kind of attribute from the one before it with near perfect fluidity. However with this track, all of this is replaced rather abruptly by a more sinister grind of Aiji's guitar, giving an intermission of a more darker side of LM.C. This is only broken up by some typical anthem type vocals which oddly would not be too far from being called a sports chant you'd catch at a football game. 

"Game of Life" on the other hand becomes more of an anthem dance track from the very opening.  We have come right back to Maya's slight vocaloid vocals again, but all of which is supported by a nice melody from Aiji during the verses, and then picking up rhythm for the chorus. Aiji's guitar solo for this song is steady, but still just as melodic, giving good rock quality and mixing very well with the dance side of things, something that LM.C have worked exceptionally well into their music over the years. It doesn't sound perhaps as 'fun loving' as the first half of the album though so you can argue that after the change of style with "We Are LM.C - The Anthem Of Strong Pop", the direction has also changed. 

This would be an incorrect thing to think as "Peekaboo", the tenth track on the album, then switches style once more. Starting with Aiji giving us a composition very similar to 'Smoke on the water', the tempo slows giving off the aura of something more softer and easy listening. Maya's vocals are certainly more relaxed and the melodies are beautiful in this track making this one of the most pleasant songs on the album to listen to. 

"Strong Pop" will be released in three different editions all on the 4th of April. 

The Regular Edition will come with the standard 13 tracks and first press will include an additional B2 size poster. The Limited Edition Type A comes with the 13 tracks as mentioned plus an additional DVD with bonus footage. Finally the Limited Edition Type B will come with the 13 tracks plus a special T-shirt designed by Fantasista Utamaro.