Kyosuke Himuro


If you Want
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Kyosuke Himuro's newest single "If You Want" is set for official release for the 14th of March. 
The title track which is also entitled "If You Want", and primarily a ballad, is a charming new song from the popular rock and pop vocalist. It opens with an orchestral introduction which is closely followed by a nice, down beat tempo from the drums supporting the deep and conspicuous bass line.
Among the classical strings an ensemble of violins enter more prominently on the second half of the verse adding to the emotion of the song, if not already felt through Kyosuke Himuro's dramatic and distinct vocal range, and remain present through out the chorus. 
Kyosuke Himuro himself, the quality of his vocal range impeccable, hits each note perfectly in this track in a clear example that he can not only still rock your boots with his more upbeat songs but he can also express true sincerity for this ballad. 
As the instrumental comes in, the electric guitar that you might have missed up until now, becomes more pronounced to give us a very cool and more rock style solo contribution. It has up until this point been lingering in the background amongst the other strings, overpowered almost, so this is an extra refreshing bit of melody to your ears. 
The second song on Kyosuke Himuro's single, the acoustic of "If You Want", is a beautiful rendition in contrast to the first and title track. The vocals are more distinct in this song as they are not fighting against the other instruments, yet at the same time you can hear a key difference in that they are also subtle and soothing in comparison, giving you a chance to focus on the lyrics and the fantastic acoustic quality much better. 
"If You Want" will only be released in the one edition, in which a proportion of the cost will be donated to the 'Kokorone Kikin Foundation' in support of victims of the 2011 earthquake, and features three songs in total; "If You Want", "If You Want" Acoustic, and a live audio version of "On My Beat" from Kyosuke Himuro's concert "GIG at Tokyo Dome" held in June 2011.