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Kakusei Distortion
Fushigi na Seka Kara no Shoutaijou
Dennowo Imagination

26th September 2012
Kakusei Distortion
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Not long since the release of their last single "Honne", Kra have returned with their next single "Kakusei Distortion". 
The title track begins with a charming guitar melody from Taizo, uplifting and soulful, which continues into the solo half way through to give us a fittingly tuneful contribution to the already bouncing soul of this track. 
Yasuno follows with some toe tapping drum beats in usual style, nothing exceptional, but sticks to the rhythm fantastically with some good rolling beats to mix things up a bit and keeps things interesting. 
The bass from Yuura also does not particularly wow you as you would usually hope for. There is again no solo for him, for any of the three new tracks, but rather his bass lines offer an undertone of deep and bouncing rhythm to support the melodies coming from the guitar.
Keiyuu's vocals on the other hand radiate energy in "Kakusei Distortion". The clarity and melody in which he sings really cannot be matched as he hits all of the notes, and the occasional high notes, beautifully. 
The second track, "Wakatteru", opens with a more stylish drum beat this time and an edgy guitar melody which fits the criteria of being one of Kra's more experimental contributions, which you occasionally hear with their releases (think along the lines of the "Krabian Nights" release). 
The music picks up pace for the chorus, Keiyuu's vocals for this section especially have a good tone to them as he expresses the lyrics with heart felt passion. 
Even the guitar solo which Taizo executes with precision is nothing of an overkill but rather sticks to the overall style of the track to great effect, whilst Yuura's bass lines continue to lay low as the lovely smooth, deep and regular pulse of the track. 
"Kakusei Distortion" will be released officially on the 26th of September and will come in two editions, Regular and Limited.  The Regular Edition will contain three new tracks "Kakusei Distortion", "Wakatteru" and "Gentou Kikai".  The Limited Edition will contain two tracks "Kakusei Distortion" and "Wakkatteru", plus an additional DVD featuring the music video for "Kakusei Distortion" and the making of. 
1st June 2011
Fushigi na Seka Kara no Shoutaijou
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Kra's first single release with replacement guitarist Taizo, formerly of Zoro, is “Fushigi na Seka Kara no Shoutaijou”, a bit of a mouthful to say the least, was out on sale officially from the 1st June.
Kra fans can definitely take a deep sigh of relief, if not also a little gasp of surprise, with regards to not just Taizo but also with this new single as a whole.
“Fushigi na Seka Kara no Shoutaijou”, is an exciting new release from them and as much as many are missing Mai, it cannot be argued that there is a new funk to the band; there is no denying that Taizo works well with the other members as the new guitarist of Kra.
Both tracks on “Fushigi na Seka Kara no Shoutaijou” are everything that we are used to hearing with Kra. The uniquely twisted pop, with that hint of rock flair, is still there of course, the fun melodies and also the bouncy choruses.
But! This single also brings with it something extra… something a bit different.
The title track, beginning with an upbeat and instantly catchy drum beat from Yasuno, is almost immediately followed with Taizo, introducing with this funky and melodic sound which is backed with a rather classy cabaret style… easily a song which will get you off your seats. This is topped with some remarkable vocals from Keiyuu, maybe just slightly toned down from what we have heard in the past, but this is by no means a let down. Keiyuu is still on great form, hitting every note perfectly, belting out the lyrics in both of the new tracks with power and definition.
“Fushigi na Seka Kara no Shoutaijou”, is a glorious breath of fresh air, and not just for Kra themselves having done a real exceptional piece with this single, but for their fans also.
Still with the classic style of Kra that we are used to, but now with a chance to challenge themselves with something new, we shall expect some interesting things in the months to follow. 

18th August 2010
Dennowo Imagination
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Have Kra matured over the summer? They seem to have dropped their colourful and bouncy attitude, replacing it with a more dark and adult one?
This new release is an exceptional one, if you ignore the first thoughts you might have of this release taking them down a more mainstream path. The beginning is heavy, a pure rock sensation, easily one that you could find yourself dancing to or even head banging happily to. 
Keiyuu's vocals are not short of incredible, as they always are, hitting the high notes and also giving us the sensationally hard rock quality that you would not expect from looking at him at a first glance.
Mai's guitar solo compliments the more softer pop rock side to the song, to effectively create a contrast to Yuura's heavy duty and fast bass solo.
"Dennowo Imagination" may be taking a setting a whole new path for Kra? We shall certainly be waiting with high hopes to see what they can give us next... eyes peeled and ears open guys... this could prove to be a very good year for them.