Namida ga Afureru
Written by Rachel Yarwood

“Namida ga afureru”, the newest single release from Kiyoharu, opens with a soft and melodic piano introduction.
This is something that you can always count on, or look forward to, with Kiyoharu's solo work as unlike SADS, Kiyoharu experiments a lot more with different types of styles including the more melodic, classical and ballad styles. The one thing that remains consistent is of course his powerful and unique set of vocal chords which does not disappoint with this new single in any way.
As an opening track though, you may be tempted to feel just a little let down if of course the softer nature of the sound is not quite what takes your fancy, especially when you compare it against the other two tracks that follow.
However, it is again Kiyoharu's ability to switch (even as odd as they may sound on one single together) between styles so that each song sounds different from the next, which makes the announcement of each release a great anticipation for his fans.
The second track, "Sari", of course takes things to a completely different level now and sounds more like your indie rock song.
There is a pleasant and upbeat drum beat, deep bass rhythms and near continuous melody from the guitar which seems to add another bit of lift to the already faster pace of this song compared to "Namida ga Afureru".
Behind this is a subtle synth which, if you focus on it in particular, it changes the mood of this track ever so slightly. The synthesizer is subtle, but at the same time it gives off a strange feel, standing out in comparison to the mood that the rest of the instruments give off.  
On the other hand, Kiyoharu also adds to this with his vocal work, in some places sounding just as eerie as the synth which is almost as if the two are playing off each other and that in particular works really well for this song.
"Namida ga Afureru / Sari" will be released officially on the 22nd of August and will come in three editions in total; Regular, Limited A and Limited B Editions.
The Regular Edition will feature "Namida ga Afureru", "Sari" and bonus track "Tanatos".
The Limited A Edition will feature two tracks "Namida ga Afureru" and "Sari" plus an additional DVD with the music video for the song "Namida ga Afureru" and the 'making of'.  The Limited B Edition will feature the same two tracks plus an additional DVD with the music video for the song "Sari" and the 'making of'.