Kirin Works speaks to the face behind Starwave Records and Darkest Labyrinth!

What made you first decide you would start running record companys?

I had no intention to start a record company, only to be in a band.  But many artists wanted to visit foreign countries and asked if I could do the promotion for them.  So I said I would help them so they can be known in other countries.


What has been the biggest struggle in your musical career?

When I went on tour with my band, we played in Mexico, but when were there our money was stolen! And the security would not do anything to help us. So we played in a car park and all of our fans still came to see us play!


If you could go backand do anything differently, what would you do?

Six years ago, I went to France for a live, I took my friend with me from Japan who I work with. He had a sickness, and while we are there we say "See you again" but he comitted suicide while in France. If I could...I would go back and tell him "Don't kill yourself".


What do you enjoy doing outside of music?

I like to do graphic designs? I worked for an advertising company for 8 years as director of the company. So graphic designs are my hobby.


BLOOD are back! What are the plans for them in the future?

We will do a tour! And we did a new PV. At the beginning we did a PV but we did not have a lot of money. So we had to film it all ourselves, when I wasn't playing I would hold the camera, and when I was, someone else would film me. But this time we have a Director and an Editor. So we will upload this video to Youtube when we have finished it!


What advice do you have to those who wish to start a career in the music industry?

In the Visual Kei scene there are a lot of artists who do not think about the music. The are almost tone deaf. So I would say please please practise!


Why did BLOOD decide to reform at this specific time?

After BLOOD finished 3 years ago, I had a project with GPKISM. He asked for my help so I helped him. But it didn't work for very long, he released his first album and then he stopped creating music. And I did not want to push him because it is not how he works. So I was thinking of a reunion for BLOOD, the vocalist from SATAN wanted a new project so I asked if he wanted to join. Then BLOOD was able to start up again with the new members.


How do you decide which bands you choose to promote first?

I think all the bands on my labels are just as good as each other, so it is very hard to decide. It is impossible to decide this.


How did you begin in the music industry?

I was influenced by a lot of heavy metal bands. I used to watch a lot of them on TV and I wanted to start playing an instrument because of them. So this is why I first picked up a guitar. Hanoi Rocks...These are not as heavy...but this is one of the bands I grew up listening to.


Which moments have been the happiest and the saddest moments in your life?

I was at my happiest when we did a Europe tour, Finland, Sweden, Germany and then the UK. These were the best memories, but it was sad when we finally reach the UK at the end of the tour, we had no merchandise left to sell to our fans...this made me sad for the fans.


Message for the UK?

I went to the UK with BLOOD 6 years ago, but after that I have not had a chance to go. I really want to go there again to play shows. I want to visit and play in London this time. Last time we only played in Birmingham and we only spent 15 hours in the UK! We came, played and then went in this time! So next time we will come for longer! Thank you.