Written by Rachel Yarwood
A beautiful oriental introduction opens Kiryu's "Tomoshibi" single. Yet this traditional-classical sounding beginning is set aside quickly, as Mahiro on vocals steps in along with a rather notable fast pace on the drums (Junji). 
Together with the simple but outstanding drum beat we do have a chorus of violins in the background, which is a little strange to work your head around at first, and might not be to everyone's liking considering the overall heavy punk influence of the song as a whole. 
The vocal work especially from Mahiro has a rough tone with not an awful lot of melody, and together with the harsh sound of the guitars, whatever effect the classical notes hoped to achieve in this song perhaps falls a little short. 
The instrumental however is where "Tomoshibi" leaves behind the peculiarities and the instruments fall, abeit regular, into perfect harmony with a guitar solo and a subtle build up to the final chorus. 
"Zangetsu", the second song on the single, is much more pleasing to the ears. The classical attributes have been left behind now and in its place we have a damn good heavy, fierce sounding, rock song. 
There is a fast rhythm on the bass (Hiyori), which is highlighted a lot more in this track than the previous, and the guitars (Mitsuki / Takemasa) too prove much more heavier and moodier. 
The drums might still sound a little too overpowering for some but unlike in "Tomoshibi", the overall power of the instruments and the vocals of "Zangetsu" is incomparable and so you might notice this less.
Mahiro's vocals themselves compliment this track completely. The rough accentuations and punk-ish growls are used perfectly and are as rapid and energetic as the song itself is. 
"Kumo" follows on smoothly from "Zangetsu" although a difference with this track is the notable bouncier rhythm. 
There is also a lot more melody with Mahiro's vocal work, especially in the chorus, which might take you by surprise at first after listening to the first two tracks on this single. 
"Akisame Soso" wins the prize when it comes to being the odd one out. Unlike the first three songs, this one is dramatically toned down in every sense. 
It is the most melodic track on the single, beautifully arranged, and inclusive of a lovely instrumental and guitar solo as well. 
Whilst "Zangetsu" will most likely get the points for being the most metal or punk song, with deep underlying rhythms and powerful vocals, "Akisame Soso" will win you over with its charm and stunning melodies. 
"Tomoshibi" will be released officially on the 7th of November and will come in three editions in total, two Regular Editions (Type B and C) and one Limited Edition (Type A).
The Limited Edition will also come with an additional DVD featuring a music video.