strawberry summer
rain drop
veil of maria
pray for the sun


Kaya x Satsuki

Underworld Camden
21st February 2012
Written by Rachel Yarwood
Photography by Lorna Ransome

pourrture noble
vampire requiem
last snow
BGM (silvery dark remix)
kasha - shaining flowers-

glitter arch

Kaya was the first to greet the hubbub of fans tonight. Entering on stage with grace and in a spectacular gothic lolita dress, he greeted the crowd who had shuffled together as close as humanely possible to catch a glimpse as he made his way to the front to begin his set. 

The stage props themselves seemed to cramp Kaya a little bit. Even though there were only a few candle stands on either side of him, the stage felt far too small and the vibrant energy you might have expected was just not there. 
On the other hand, although Kaya paced through a lot of his set among the eerie glow of the real red lit candles, the choice of songs performed (and the length of his setlist) was impressive non-the-less. 

"Vampire Requiem" and "Walkure", which followed straight after, especially were greeted with much enthusiasm from the audience. These two seemed to flow one after the other perfectly, something new and then something old to mix things up a bit. Much like the shift between genres on his records, combining synth with gothic, orchestral and pop elements, and then electronica as he himself belts out each of the songs with clarity. 

Kaya's vocals were even more fantastic live than on record; it just seemed a small shame that he was not on a larger stage for such an eccentric and powerful voice. However, his new single and the tracks performed off his newly released album "Queen", were received with great enthusiasm. 

If some in the audience felt that the reception for Kaya was somehow lacking a certain spark... this soon changed for the welcoming of the second part of the show; Satsuki.

There was a definite increase of energy from the crowd, and what space to breath that might have been amongst those in the front couple of rows was now gone, as the screams rose to deafening levels and the excitement for the band and Satsuki himself became all too apparent. 

"Romance" was the opening song which was Satsuki's December single release. This was a pretty fresh beginning to his set as this is not a release too old, and also giving us a genre clash in comparison to Kaya's previous set. 

Unlike Kaya's performance, Satsuki plus his supporting band, Yuuichi (guitar), Rin (bass) and Kuro (drums) seemed to thrive on the small stage. Even though there were the three of them plus drummer Kuro squashed at the back, it just seemed so much more of a 'fitting' atmosphere, all of them switching sides and moving around the tiny stage with ease. 
There was also a lot more interaction from them, even joking with the crowd, and receiving uproarious laughter at the "English" greeting from Rin that was actually extremely fast Japanese (so fast you had to be fluent to catch what he said).

Satsuki's performance here in London was truly unbelievable. It was incredible to see him thrash around and headbang onstage for the heavier parts of his set and then to hear him sing with such heartfilled emotion for softer songs such as "Veil of Maria". Sometimes things like this need to be witnessed in the flesh and not just on a disk. 

The encore was to see both Satsuki and Kaya performing two last songs together, each one of their own songs, and each taking part in the vocals. As odd as this may sound, or looked at the beginning, they both performed really well together onstage. You probably would not have thought that this would work, and even that the coupling of the two of them on this tour was perhaps a little strange, but it certainly paid off. 

The show at Camden's Underworld tonight saw the collaboration of these two musicians, a fantastic vibe and mixture of fans crowding around the stage, the generous sets and a signing session afterwards... it was a peculiar match but a night that will not be forgotten by anyone who attended.