O2 Islington Academy
18th November 2011
Written By Rachel Yarwood
Kanon Wakeshima:
1. Still Doll
4. Heroine Syndrome
6. Marmalade Sky
7. Princess Charleston

Kanon DJ Set

Calendula Requiem
The DollHouse
Renai no Susume
Moonlight Densetsu 
Koi no Doutei 
The queue for KanonXKanon did not promise all that much in the way of numbers, however the buzz of excitement and conversations focused around the duo that came from the lips of those few whilst waiting for doors to open were enough to convince passing members of public that they were more than enthusiastic about the gig tonight... not to mention many of the girls who had dressed in pristine Lolita fashion for the occasion. 

The show would be in the upstairs room of Islington Academy, the stage decorated with a tabletop Christmas tree, a rather touching and festive addition as this will be the last show of KanonXKanon's tour this year.

Kanon Wakeshima finally made her entrance an hour after doors, the opening of "Still Doll" resonating through the room amongst the excited cheers from the audience. For those who had previously seen her performance a few months earlier at Hyper Japan, the entrance made this time around was particularly more dramatic, the eerie and gothic effect played exceptionally well at the Academy as opposed to a convention hall. 

As Kanon takes a quick breather after just the second song of her set, possibly down to the noticeable tickly cough she has, she introduces herself and her cello ("Nana") to the crowd before becoming reacquainted with those who had previously seen her solo and UK debut performance at Hyper Japan back in July. 

The atmosphere in the room picks up dramatically, from a few cheers and the odd hands waving, as Kanon's fourth song "Heroine Syndrome" begins. Kanon successfully manages to get near enough the entire of the audience moving along to the music and clapping along to the rhythm as she herself moves back and forth on the stage between singing and playing her cello. 

"Marmalade Sky" and the finale of "Princess Charleston" are the most well-received. Kanon now seemingly full of energy and even venturing to each side of the stage to pose for pictures which is greatly appreciated by her fans behind the camera. 

As Kanon takes her final bows and waves farewell to the crowd, the wait was on for the debut of Kanon (ex An Cafe), a wait which turned out to be no more than five minutes. 

Kanon's DJ Set was possibly something that a lot of An Cafe fans here had been waiting for with great anticipation. 
He definitely played the 'DJ' role well, and not in the tacky way which many of us Brits are only too familiar with, but there was not an awful lot of interaction from him. Nevertheless, he performed his set without any hiccups and with sheer concentration, only at brief moments to give eye contact and a smile to members of the crowd who recognised the anime he was playing tribute to. 

As Kanon finished, he swiftly left the stage, and instead of the standard background music that is typically churned out, the fans waited once again for the finale of the evening, kicked off when a certain 'Mr Alien' walked camply onstage before very amusingly performing an 'otagei' dance demonstration. All that was left was for both Kanon's to appear side by side in performance...

KanonXKanon performance

KanonXKanon began their colourful and entertaining set with "Calendula Requiem" followed by "The DollHouse" which went down greatly with the crowd. 
However the true highlights of the night were definitely "Moonlight Densetsu" and the final song "Koi no Doutei". Both of these were the two performances of the evening that made tonight worth travelling from all corners of the UK to see the pair. 

"Moonlight Densetsu" saw Kanon acting out his more 'otaku' role, dressed in a cape with top hat and a rose between his teeth, he danced around Kanon Wakeshima (who was more serene in her black and red kimono styled attire) much to the amusement of the cheering fans. 

"Koi no Doutei" on the other hand, would see the audience participating even further with the dance 'Mr Alien' had prepared them with... 
Now with glowsticks in both of his hands, Kanon led the way, and the audience followed, only stopping towards the closure of the song as the laughter at his clear over enthusiasm and rapidity of his movements were just too much to concentrate on anything else. 

KanonXKanon delivered a spellbinding gig.
Not only was the duet performance filled with drama and some of the best of their discography, but the audience were also treated to solo performances from the pair. Combined fans were given something original, fun and in no way disappointing for anyone who was there.