Kamijo @ The Garage 2015

The Garage
3rd March 2015
Written by Rachel Yarwood

~Coming Soon~

Entering The Garage tonight you are met with a small and dimly lit stage, chandeliers and a screen backdrop announcing the 20th Anniversary World Tour of Kamijo. 
The buzz is quite calm in the wake of tonight's show with a throng of people gathered closely at the front and a few dotted here and there in the hope of catching a better glimpse of the modest stage.

As the house lights turn off one by one, the quiet conversations of the fans here turn to excitable cheers and screams. "Vive le Roi" opens the set with a great response from the audience who, along with the perfectly timed lighting, throw their fists and roses into the air and join in chorus to the lyrics. 
The band enter the stage followed closely by Kamijo who takes centre stage and basks in the limelight for a few seconds before taking us into the first song of the night. 

Promised already is a medley of hits not only from Kamijo's solo career but also from his previous time spent as part of Versailles and Lareine. As the night unfolds the band perform a variety of songs with utmost enthusiasm, pleasing the fans with songs from Kamijo's newest album "Heart" and also taking us back to an era that, without tonight and this tour, would not have seemed possible. 

Kamijo himself is remarkably alert and a clear crowd pleaser, wowing the fans with choreographed moves and always beckoning for participation. "Moulin Rouge" is a definite win for the night, the audience dancing and singing along, the backdrop lighting the stage even more with images of the raunchy and glamorous music video adding even more to the thrill of the event. 
On the other hand the lighting at times through the performances was a tad harsh, especially at points where it coincided with the drum beats, giving you a fear of a tremendous headache by the end of the night. 
Amusingly when the time came for 'introductions', as if you really needed to know who the members were, you could be forgiven if you thought that perhaps Kamijo had mixed up which country he was in. Greeting London with "Bonjour" was rather funny but you can appreciate the French influence that plays a major part of many Visual groups. 

At one point, requesting the house lights be turned on, Kamijo gazed out into the crowd almost demanding participation this time as he announced "Death Parade" was the next song to be performed and we should all march and salute in time. This performance was brilliant as everyone, the band and Kamijo were enjoying the moment together. 

The final marvel came with the encore, starting first with another opening showcase on the backdrop screen as the band took their places on stage for one final performance, giving us glimpses of moments from across the past two decades before playing another collection of favourites old and new to the delight of their fans to end the night on a spectacular high.