Kamijo - Heart


Run time: 59 minutes 32 seconds
Number of tracks: 13

Written By: Rachel Yarwood
Release Date: 24th September 2014

Vive le Roi
Rose Croix
Louis (album version)
Death Parade
Moulin Rouge
Tsuioku No Mon Amour

Kamijo's "Symphony of the Vampire" release was a rather colossal piece of music that was met with amazement by many fans and new listeners alike, leaving us hungry for more and excited for a new album to sink our teeth into. 
"Heart", Kamijo's newest full length album, is a completely different style but needs no less attention. This album has it's own story to tell and each track flows perfectly from one to the next however in comparison it is in another league entirely and will probably appeal to the more avid Versaille and Kamijo fan-base. 

"Vive le Roi" opens the album with a stunning chorus of vocals and a classical ensemble of organs and string instruments which really grabs your attention for the first few minutes of the album. "Rose Croix" then follows smoothly on as the first full length song with a sensual and deep undertone, with plenty of melodramatic flair as can be expected, that throws you head first into the theatrical nature that this album is promising. 
The album version of "Louis" on the other hand is interesting when you listen to this against the first version we heard on the single release back in 2013 because, unlike on the single, this album version sounds like it is holding back. Instead of the passion behind the melodies and Kamijo's vocals, the drama behind the guitar riffs and the chorus of violins, this version sounds far too clean in comparison and you just don't get the same reaction from it. 

Further on into the album, "Moulin Rouge" brings us back into full swing with a more jazzed up sound which we haven't yet heard on the album so far. The melodrama has all but gone and instead we have something that is strangely appealing in another sense compared to what we have heard so far. With "Moulin Rouge" you can almost imagine the glammed up stage, the array of colours and the bawdy goings-on in your head as you listen to this song which would place this higher on the table for one of the most intriguing and exciting tracks. 

"Presto" closes the album with arguably the most heart-felt vocals and score put together in the sense that they are not overpowered with all these additional elements so that you can really listen to the power behind the song. Unlike the original version, also on the "Symphony of the Vampire" album, this version is classical with beautiful piano and string collaboration which is a lovely finish to the album. 
"Heart" will be released officially on the 24th of September and will feature thirteen tracks in total (based on the Regular Edition).