Kamijo November 2015

 This is not the first 'special' event you have performed in France, how do you prepare for such a monumental concert as part of your touring Europe?
I’m planning to have many songs including which I couldn’t play during the last European tour.

What makes such a concert memorable for you?
I’m feeling sad to seeing that the 20th anniversary year is ending but I’m willing for the future because many wonderful things are waiting us.

Which part are you most looking forward to?
Oh it’s a secret! (lol)

How have you found the fans reaction to your solo work?
I’m so glad to see that my fans are appreciating the messages and the stories on my songs much more deeply than when I was playing as a band.

If you didn't sing, what other position in the band would you like to do?
A tennis player

Who would you say was your main musical influence when you first started as a musician?
Paul Moriat

How many songs did you originally write for your album "Heart"? Will we be able to hear any of the un-used songs in future releases?
Including some single songs, all songs are written specially for this album “Heart”, excepted “Louis-Enketsu no La Vie en Rose-“ was a special recording for.

Where do you find is the best place for you to sit and write your music?
In a café or my at the terrace of my home.

X Japan once said they wanted to perform at Wembley Stadium when in the UK... next year they are fufilling that... where would you most like to perform if you could choose any venue and why?
I do wanna make a new castle in London and play there. (if I could choose as you say)

If you could only listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be? Why?
It would be an album which not exists today. I would like to make the album someday to listen only this one for the rest of my life.

Is there a particular song, or musical composition, that you would say moves you the most emotionally? What is it?
“Kono yo de ichiban utsukushi bara yo”

What would you say is your most valued material possession?
My own recording studio

Where would you say is your favourite kind of place to be?
My terrace.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Will you be working towards another visit to Europe?
This year, I toured the world to celebrate my 20th anniversary of carrier. In Europe, two shows are planned in Paris on Novmember 27th and 28th. Please come to see us.

For potential fans, how would you best describe your music in just two words?
The Rose and the Vampire

Finally a message for your fans in the UK...
How are you doing in England. Thank you for always supporting me! I’m so happy to being able to come twice in Europe this year. Each show is important for me to share some great moments with you. Please come to Paris to enjoy it again with me.

Kamijo will play two shows in Paris on November 27th & 28th. Tickets still available through B7Klan