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Louis-Enkentsu no La Vie en Rose-

28th August 2013
Louis-Enkentsu no La Vie en Rose-
Written by Rachel Yarwood
The debut single release from newly solo vocalist and composer Kamijo is a truly remarkable first look into his stand alone musical career. 
"Louis -Enkentsu no La Vie en Rose-" has an elaborate and classical gothic tone, with wonderful theatrical melodies, enhanced by Kamijo's equally dramatic vocal range and vibrato. Along with the chorus of violins and the synthesiser that frequents through out "Louis...", Kamijo also incorporates a heavier rock element with sharp guitar rhythms, near metal riffs and a catchy drum beat. 
The musical composition really is something both grandeur and emotional, reaching a wonderful climax for the instrumental as a piano solo is introduced followed again by the gothic notes of the synthesiser and violins, whilst Kamijo's vocals exaggerate the splendour of the music further with an impressive range including some rather tricky high notes.
"Grazioso" changes the tone a little bit for the single now. The theatrics are still there as the music now gives us more of a down tempo and slightly aristocratic lullaby matched by haunting but lovely vocals that switch from song to whispers perfectly. 
Altogether, "Louis -Enketsu no La Vie en Rose-" gives us a thrilling and quite positively ambitious beginning to this first single release from Kamijo leaving us with excitably high expectations for the future releases. 
"Louis -Enketsu no La Vie En Rose-" will be released officially on the 28th of August in three editions in total; Regular and Limited Editions Type A and Type B. The Regular Edition will feature six tracks in total, "Louis", "Grazioso", "Gensou Trianon" plus the instrumentals for each. The Limited Edition A will feature just "Louis" and "Grazioso" but will also come with an additional DVD with the music videos for both of these tracks. Lastly, the Limited Edition B will feature the same two tracks and the additional DVD will feature a bonus Music Movie.