24th July 2013
Blessing of the Future
Written by Rachel Yarwood
"Blessing of the Future" is the debut single release from newly formed visual kei group Jupiter. 
The opening track of the same title begins with dramatic guitar riffs (Hizaki, Teru) and a tremendously upbeat rhythm and beat from the bass (Masashi) and drums (Yuki). This abundance of melody and the dramatic sound that the instrumentation plays continues as the song unfolds giving us a tremendous first look into the new band and what we can expect from them.
ZIN, who is the only member not to have been recruited from Versailles, offers a fresh new lead and face as the vocalist of Jupiter. ZIN really has a lot to step up to as you are first stunned by the technicality and the furor of the guitars and drums especially. However instead of being overbearing in a way to compete, ZIN has a consistent smoothness to his voice which gives the single a bit of a classic rock tone to it and this works quite well with the pulsating energy from the music.
"ARIA" and "SHOUT YOUR DESIRE" that follow are much the same style. However "SHOUT YOUR DESIRE", which closes the single, exerts the most energy on the single from both the instrumentation and the vocals. This track especially highlights the best in both the rhythm and lead guitars, with particularly intricate and exciting solos, whilst ZIN ups the game with some impressive edginess to counter the original charm we first heard. 
With only a month to wait until the release of their debut full length album, "Classical Element", Jupiter have already made a deep impression with this single release with the hope from their fans that it will be just as good... if not better.
"Blessing of the Future" will be released officially on the 24th of July in two versions; a Regular Edition and a Limited Deluxe Edition. 
Both editions will feature three tracks in total, "Blessing of the Future", "ARIA" and "SHOUT YOUR DESIRE". The Limited Deluxe Edition will come with an additional DVD of Blessing of the Future music video, the making of, and it will also come with a special photobook.