Jills Blue Roses

3 years down the line... Jill's Blue Rose speak to Kirin about their Costumes and Regrets...

Can you please introduce yourselves and tell us about your personalities?

I'm Maya, and I’m the Vocalist…I love roses and red wine, girls, manga, sweet things! I tend to have my own pace and I’m a very unique person!

I'm Piro, the guitarist on the left side of the stage…and Hi! I'm a delicate person!

I'm Sigy, the guitarist on the right side of the stage, I like sweet things, and I'm a relaxed, easygoing person.


Where did the name JILLS BLUE ROSES originate?

Maya : In my head, it means Jill's blue roses. Jill is a girl's name, and blue roses mean sadness and pain. But when the blue roses bloom they make a high-energy and power, so I wanted to mean that sometimes girl's sadness and pain change into a positive power.


JILLS BLUE ROSES is already 3 years old, how do you feel you've all progressed as a band?

Maya : We’ve changed a lot!! I was alone when I started this band because others were support members, but now Piro & Sigy are permanent members of JILLS. As a band We got more Visual-kei to get to our looks today.

Piro : The world of JILLS BLUE ROSES is built little by little, the character of each members became so outstanding!!

Sigy : I think that JILLS absorbed many things and grows little by little !! I want to keep on going like this !!


What bands did you listen to growing up? Do you feel they have influenced your style?

Maya : So many bands!! From Metal Bands to Visual-Kei Bands, Folk Rock… they all influenced my style. I loved HIM, Dark Tranquillity, The Doors, U2, Kuroyume, Yngwie, The Cure, etc…

Piro : So many! No particular genre, I listened to every kind of music, but I was inspired by LUNA SEA, RUSH, DREAM THEATER, etc... about sounds, style of my guitar arrangement, even the way I act on stage!!

Sigy : Many bands, no genre !!But look at those bands… how they made Sigy now !!


Do you think that image is very important to your bands success? Or just an added bonus?

Maya : Of course, if we say we are Visual-Kei, We have to be cool and hot and to have some madness in our performances!! Costumes are very important also but, the most important thing is, our souls our in the music.

Piro : In the Japanese music scene, image is very important. We can't deny that our fashion style is required to express to the world as sometimes good music is not enough!! But of course I know… its important.

Sigy : Our looks and our fashion, That kind of Image is very important to our band success!! We must always be outstanding!!


If you could go back in time and change one thing that you've done in the past, what would it be?

Maya : I want to go back a moment 10 years ago and say to my father ( when he was dying )"If you live like this you will get Leukaemia!! It’s serious!!"

Piro : I want to go back to the past and want to be present at my friend's deathbed.

Sigy : I want to go back to the time when I was in Junior- high to study English well!!


You currently only have a supporting Bassist in your band, will you be looking for a permanent member in the future?

Maya : Of course!! Maybe it’s coming soon…

Piro & Sigy : Yeah of course!!


For someone new to your music, how would you describe it?

Maya : Visual - kei, Gothic Mixture or maybe Visual Metal??

Piro : Kizoku - Metal ( Kizoku means the aristocracy )

Sigy : First, I want you to listen our songs and see our lives without a description!!


What plans do you have for the future of JILLS BLUE ROSES?

Maya : BUDOKAN!! And to go to so many countries and make a live!!

Piro : At first, We want to dominate the indie music scene in Japan.

Sigy : We will be The Rock Stars flying around the world !!


Final message for the fans in the UK?

Maya : I want to see you soon, please touch our music and let's get crazy, Kisses from Japan!! We love you!!

Piro : Hello to my 35 thousand fans in England!! I want go to England soon!! Please invite us I make you all wet!!

Sigy : Thank you for your support!! We love you see you in our live soon!!

Thank you very much for your favour and I hope seeing you very soon!